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Behind the scenes: Inside the HP Pod massive storage truck

By Mauricio Freitas, in , posted: 8-Apr-2009 03:27

During the visit to HP Houston our group had the chance to see one of the HP Pod massive scale out "computing truck" - in short a datacentre in a container.

This HP Pod has storage racks, with each individual drive in these pictures a 1TB drive:

Behind the scenes: HP Factory Express

By Mauricio Freitas, in , posted: 8-Apr-2009 03:05

During our visit to HP Houston the group also had the chance to visit the production line responsible for manufacturing HP ProLiant and Blade servers.

HP c ustomers can take advantage of HP Factory Express, a portfolio of flexible, pre-priced, configured, customized and integrated factory solutions and deployment services – supporting HP products from the desktop to the data center with Windows, Linux, and HP-UX.

Behind the scenes: Announcing the HP ProLiant G6

By Mauricio Freitas, in , posted: 8-Apr-2009 02:28

As part of my visit to HP in Houston the group was given a lot of background information on their new ProLiant G6 Server series, as well as their blade servers.

Below you can watch Krista introducing the ProLiant G6 Server, explaining the new features on this series:

Apple iTunes RSS feeds

By Mauricio Freitas, in , posted: 3-Apr-2009 11:46

FusionOne awarded patent for mobile backup and sync

By Mauricio Freitas, in , posted: 2-Apr-2009 18:54

FusionOne has just sent out a press release saying they have been awarded a patent covering "mobile content backup, transfer, and sync". In their own words:

FusionOne, the leading provider of mobile content portability solutions, today announced that the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) has granted FusionOne a new patent for its revolutionary development on mobile content synchronization technology. Patent No. 7,505,762, titled “Wireless Telephone Data Backup System”, was granted on March 17, acknowledging FusionOne’s pioneering work in the mobile industry.

This groundbreaking patent is for the backup, transfer and restoration of a user’s personal information stored in any mobile telephone having data storage capabilities. The patent incorporates all major features essential to a mobile content portability solution, including an account transfer interface, the transfer and restore process itself, scheduling and automatic sync of changes at regular intervals, and a phone and web interface for managing content and changes.

I hope this doesn't end up in a patent war against Microsoft (My Phone), Apple (MobileMe) or Sprite (Virtual Mobile)...

HP ProLiant web jam: the new G6 invite

By Mauricio Freitas, in , posted: 2-Apr-2009 14:37

As I wrote in my previous post, I will be joining the HP ProLiant web jam: the new G6, live from HP offices in Houston next week (7th April 2009 10am CDT). Here is a banner HP put together for us:

Join us on a virtual event exploring the new HP G6 servers

By Mauricio Freitas, in , posted: 1-Apr-2009 10:36

Yesterday I was in Sydney (Australia) attending the Intel Xeon 5500 processor event launch. This processor is the server version of the Nehalen family. Quite a few interesting server designs in the demo pit (HP, IBM, Dell, Acer, Fujitsu), and an enthusiastic Intel speech about the new server processor - which is quite impressive.

Basically Intel says this is the biggest leap in terms of performance from one generation to another when comparing the historical jumps from version to version since the first Intel Xeon processors.

Anyway, moving from Intel to HP. I am one of ten bloggers invited to attend a two day tech gathering with HP engineering and marketing teams in Houston, next Monday and Tuesday (6th - 7th April, Central Time). There we will have the chance to look at server technologies, including the new HP G6 servers based on the Intel Xeon 5500 processors,

While some of the agenda will be for the group visiting the offices, there's an opportunity for you to join in during a virtual event - the HP ProLiant web jam: the new G6. This virtual event is happening 7th April 2009 10am CDT. It will use a virtual expo technology where you will be able to enter a conference venue, roam through the exhibit hall, attend the sessions in the auditorium or  chat in the networking lounge. This is what a previous event looked like:

The bloggers attending the Tech Day event in Houston will also be in the HP ProLiant web jam: the new G6 event. Check the event page and scroll down to see who the other bloggers are.

By the way, Geekzone runs on an HP DL360 G5 as a Hyper-V guest machine.

How fast is fast? Or does it matter when using a web browser?

By Mauricio Freitas, in , posted: 20-Mar-2009 14:25

Now that Internet Explorer 8 is available for everyone (except for the Windows 7 beta platform) I hear a few talking about how this browser or that browser is faster than the others.

The reality is most people "browse the web", don't race it. And while faster is always better and perceptions can be deceiving , I was intrigued when I was told of some interesting results coming out of a study on "measuring browser performance".

For starters we are talking about a controlled measurement of browser performance. There are issues and configurations that need management. Once these are out of the way, then we can start talking.

Here is an interesting video about this and the results. Watch to the end:

IE8 Performance

Once there's a level playing field and people start talking about a group of 25 most visited websites on the Internet - according to Comscore - then the results are in: Internet Explorer loads those sites faster 48% of the time, Google Chrome wins 36% of the time, and Firefox is best 16% of the time. Here is the table from the document referenced earlier in this post:

Another thing to consider when we talk speed is "how much time and effort is need to get things 'done'"? For example one of the new features on Internet Explorer 8 are "accelerators" - shortcuts that give instant access to add-on features. There are a few accelerator add-ons available now that add some functionality to the browser.

For example in the screenshot below once the address is highlighted and the user clicks on the blue arrow then a series of "accelerators" show up, including "Map with Yahoo!", "Search with Facebook", etc. This feature gives almost instant access to features people use most, without requiring lots of "select", "copy", "open new browser", "navigate to site", "paste text", "select function" routine.

What is your own personal experience? Have you tried Internet Explorer 8 yet? What results you've seen?

The Nintendo DSi goes to... Leigh Primary School

By Mauricio Freitas, in , posted: 20-Mar-2009 11:27

Yesterday I posted some of my Nintendo DSi unboxing pictures and commented on my Twitter that it would be up on a Geekzone giveaway soon. This is one of the three units Nintendo gave away during the press briefing for the New Zealand launch.

Instead of giving this away on Geekzone though I've decided to donate it to the Leigh Primary School so they can use it as a prize during their Easter Carnival. I am sure our readers will understand :)

A win for SilverStripe, Microsoft and Open Source in general

By Mauricio Freitas, in , posted: 19-Mar-2009 19:46

Congratulations to SilverStripe, Microsoft and the Open Source community in general working together to have Wellington-developed Open Source CMS SilverStripe in the Microsoft Web Platform Installer.

Here's just a bit from Nigel's blog - I recommend you read the whole post there:

Last July I spent a day at the Open Source Lab at Microsoft in the USA. Here I met Hank Janssen and Michael Joffe, and we started talking about working with PHP developers, the SQL Server Driver for PHP that his team had written and an update on running PHP applications on Windows.

Over the last year the Microsoft Open Source team have worked and contributed code to the communities that create some of the most popular open source applications in the world. This effort has culminated in an ambitious project that makes it easy for you to install your favourite “FREE” web applications and get them working on Windows and IIS.

This got me thinking of who in New Zealand would be a good candidate to engage with the Microsoft Open Source Labs to be added to the next group of Web Application Partners? How about Siggy and the SilverStripe team?

SilverStripe won the NZ Open Source award for Best Open Source Software Project of 2008 followed by SilverStripe winning the 2008 Most Promising Open Source CMS in the Packt UK awards.
Driven by my efforts to connect both sides, in August last year SilverStripe and Microsoft entered into a PHP on Windows Joint Development Program to get SilverStripe fully supported on Windows and part of the next iteration of the new Web Platform Installer.

The first challenge was to get Microsoft Software into SilverStripe’s hand. They hadn’t tested or developed on our platform before so they would need access to copies of Windows Server and SQL Server. Timing was great as we had just launched BizSpark in New Zealand so we signed the SilverStripe product up for that.

As part of the JDP, Microsoft technical support was available free of charge to SilverStripe from the US and Germany, but as the project progressed the talented and helpful Jorke Odolphi (Microsoft Australian Web Infrastructure Advisor), jumped into help SilverStripe, lead by Sam Minnée, with their testing and deployment.

SilverStripe incorporated some of the recent IIS7 enhancements features like URL Rewrite in their Windows Server 2008 solution. When it became clear that many of their community were using Windows Server 2003 and Windows XP, access to expert Microsoft technical staff enabled SilverStripe developers to determine the best way to achieve IIS 6 compatibility and update the core product accordingly in record time.

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