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Google Chrome cache performance

By Mauricio Freitas, in , posted: 9-Nov-2013 10:40

This is a very interesting read about Google Chromium cache performance.

For example: "How long do you think it takes for an average Windows Chrome user to fill up the browser cache? Well, for those users who filled up their cache , 25% of them fill it up in 4 hours. 50% of them fill it up within 20 hours. 75% of them fill it up within 48 hours. Now, that's just wall clock time...but how many hours of "active" browsing does it take to fill the cache? 25% in 1 hour, 50% in 4 hours, and 75% in 10 hours. Wow. That seems really quick to me. Remember though, every resource goes into the cache, in order to support back-forward navigation."

Now this part is frightening: "So, a quickly filled up cache is a one reason why servers perceive a lower than expected cache hit rate. While chatting with Ricardo, he drew my attention to a few other anomalies in our metrics. First, a surprisingly high number of users like to clear their cache. Around 7% of users will clear their cache (via chrome://settings) at least once per week. Furthermore, 19% of users will experience fatal cache corruption at least once per week, thus requiring nuking the whole cache. Wow, the cache gets wiped, either explicitly by the user, or due to corruption, for a large chunk of our user base. We definitely need to investigate what's up with all this cache corruption."

I just looked back at the annual State of Browsers on Geekzone March 2013 and comparing to current stats I found that Google Chrome just went up to 44%, Firefox went down to 22% and Internet Explorer went down to 18%, in only seven months. That’s a huge shift towards Google Chrome.

How do you folks think this impact in someone using Chrome in terms of perceived performance? Have you ever noticed any performance change over the course of weeks when using Chrome? And with Internet Explorer 11 for Windows 7 available now (which includes performance improvements, compatibility, SPDY support and more) how is this going to affect things?

HP Microserver competition coming soon

By Mauricio Freitas, in , posted: 8-Oct-2013 18:39

Some more information about the HP Microserver Gen8 competition I hinted in my previous blog post: I will soon post a review on Geekzone and we will have one of those to giveaway to our readers.

More importantly, as in previous HP competitions we have MORE THAN one blog giving those away over three weeks - and you will be able to enter in any or all of them for more chances. From the week of 27th October we will start the competition on Geekzone, with other blogs following (two or three per week). Keep an eye on this topic because I will update the schedule later.

In the mean time, here are the participating blogs/forums so you can bookmark them:

Vodafone increases prices on cable plans, adds new tier

By Mauricio Freitas, in , posted: 4-Oct-2013 19:04

Vodafone has increased prices in its cable plans, going up an unbelievable $43.06 (44.88%) in the 150GB plan (130/10 Mbps speeds). They also added a $149 version of the plan with 250GB allowance:

And this is a “naked” service. No phone, no IPTV, or anything else. Compare this $139 for 150GB package to what I’m currently paying for the same service:


Why is this hard to swallow? Because Vodafone owns the cable network. It’s an asset, and it’s been deployed since the late 90s. It’s not like they have to pay UFB to a provider such as Chorus. This makes it more bizarre that they push these prices up.

This comes just after the company announced their new “Ultra Fast Broadband TV service”, a bundle of Internet, IPTV and VoIP. Notice though that UFB includes a $30 discount if you have a mobile with the company.

Disappointing that Vodafone has pushed the cable prices up for the 150GB tier, just months after bringing it down from the old TelstraClear prices. Also disappointing that the service has been lately plagued with slowdowns and outages and it took the company two weeks to get things fixed. Also disappointing that Vodafone seems to have a continuous problem with the way their traffic goes to Australia (Australia is becoming a very important CDN and content hub, so we should really push our ISPs to have great connectivity to our neighbours).

As for the new prices, compared to the Orcon $99 unlimited plan, those prices are too damn high.

HP Microserver Gen8 in the house

By Mauricio Freitas, in , posted: 25-Sep-2013 19:18

Exciting. Just got an HP Microserver Gen8 delivered here today plus an 8-port HP PS1810-8G switch. The Microserver Gen8 comes with four USB 2.0 ports, two USB 3.0 ports, two ethernet ports, ILO and four 3.5” bays.

This weekend I will be installing an OS on this box and playing with options and then posting the review on Geekzone. For the time being here are a few photos:

Oh, did I say I will have one of these to giveaway soon on Geekzone, plus other bloggers from around the world will be running their own competitions? Stay tuned…

HP Tech @ Work Day experience

By Mauricio Freitas, in , posted: 17-Sep-2013 16:20

I was recently invited by HP and Ivy Worldwide to attend the HP Tech @ Work Day in Sydney, Australia. This wasn’t my first experience with Ivy as an enabler of relationships between bloggers and the tech industry, and as usual the team delivered an exceptional value to myself and my audience.

First there was the planning stage. I was contacted with some basic information about the event, who it is aimed at, who from HP would be available on site for us to talk to, and other pieces of relevant information.

Based on this initial contact I was able to ascertain this event was a good fit to both myself and my audience. 

Then comes the support provided by the Ivy Worldwide team, including travel arrangements, accommodation, transportation and other bits and pieces.

The HP Tech @ Work Day in Sydney was an event in a conference format, with a keynote covering the topics of the moment: cloud and big data. From our front row seats we heard insights from David Caspari (Managing Director HP South Pacific), Paul Muller (VP Software Marketing, HP Software) and we had the chance to learn from the experience of people such as Tom Quinn (Chief Technology Officer, News Corp) and Tam Lee (Neuroscientist, Human Technology). 

After the keynote we could chose from three streams of speakers covering infrastructure topics, before we could get everyone in the Bloggers' Lounge for Coffee Talks. Those are small session of 45 minutes to one hour where our group had the opportunity to talk candidly to some of the speakers, going deeper into topics of interest. That's where I found more about things such as the Orion Health and HP Cloud deal announced earlier that same day and what made the company decide to use cloud services, how they plan to use it and more.

At one of these Coffee Talks we had the opportunity to give HP some feedback in how we perceive the HP Cloud message, what our group of bloggers (which included professionals in the IT infrastructure sector) thought could be clearer and how HP could improve their relationship with markets. 

During  these events Ivy Worldwide also arrange for some even more informal meeting time, such as the group dinner arrangement, where all of us including bloggers, HP and Ivy have an opportunity to continue our conversations about the events of the day over a meal that (in some cases) extends for some quite time into the night, all for a good exchange.

Xbox One at TechEd New Zealand 2013

By Mauricio Freitas, in , posted: 13-Sep-2013 11:45

Before the Hub opened to the crowds this morning I managed to get this minute-length video of a Xbox One game on a big screen:

Yahoo! suggesting to copy your data somewhere else. Where?

By Mauricio Freitas, in , posted: 13-Sep-2013 11:40

Logged into my Yahoo! account, which I do every few weeks to check if anything is happening there (and i use it mainly for Flickr), to be presented with this:

Yahoo! suggests my data could be copied to another of the datacentres to make the service faster for me, but they don't actually know (or won't tell me) where that data will be located - note the "servers located in." with no mention of the country or region in the original screen.

It gives me all the confidence I need... 

Things coming up fast: new job at Intergen, Microsoft TechEd 2013

By Mauricio Freitas, in , posted: 29-Aug-2013 12:48

After seven years working on Geekzone, I thought it would be a time good as any to go back to a full time employment relationship. So I've landed a job with Wellington-based (but with a worldwide presence if you count Australia and USA) Intergen, a system integrator shop that specialises in applying Microsoft technologies to solve business needs. This includes fancy things such as  business solutions, consulting services and delivery of software applications including Microsoft SharePoint, Microsoft Dynamics, Azure and everything else really.

But I'm not joining any of these delivery teams. In fact I'm joining the marketing team, which means I will be involved with their online content and presence, leveraging both the technology knowledge from my previous work and the online experience with communities acquired through Geekzone.

Except the time I spend in front of a Geekzone page, nothing changes on the site. I continue to work with our great team of volunteer moderators to keep the forums a family show, stay the course for some of the initiatives we have (Geekzone Jobs, Geekzone Price, Geeksphere and Digitl content syndication) and keep things running otherwise.

I also have plans to continue attending conferences as before (Intergen has been really good at balancing this) and in fact the next one coming up is Microsoft TechEd New Zealand 2013, which is happening in Auckland 10th - 13th September. For disclosure I will be attending as a Microsoft media guest with access to behind the scenes and speakers.

Nate's planned a Geekzone IRL event on the 13th September so I will be there in the evening, and if you're in Auckland think of joining us. Registrations open now.

Man fiction page

By Mauricio Freitas, in , posted: 13-Aug-2013 11:12

I was asked on Twitter for some "man fiction" books I am following on my Amazon Kindle. So I put together this "man fiction page" where you can follow some of the series I’m tracking.

HP Tech at Work Day Sydney 2013

By Mauricio Freitas, in , posted: 28-Jul-2013 10:12

Full disclosure: I am attending the HP Tech at Work Day Sydney 2013 as HP guest this week (30th June). HP is covering my trip and accommodation.

Having said that, I have been to previous HP events around the world (Las Vegas, Austin, Houston, Singapore, Sydney) and the content available is right on for the audiences attending. Be it the HP Discover with thousands of tech sessions and hundreds of booths with products from HP and partners for existing customers and prospects, a single day event to show a group of bloggers how HP servers are designed and engineered or even a day to explore HP Cloud, there’s always something for everyone.

I mean, just look at the list of speakers for this year’s event in Sydney. And us bloggers have the extra “coffee talks” private time to talk to these and other people in the industry to gather extra information.

Looking forward to meeting some old friends again and making new ones there.

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