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You interview the CEOs series continues

By Mauricio Freitas, in , posted: 17-Jun-2008 08:21

Last night I closed the discussion forums where users posted questions to Dr Allan Freeth (CEO TelstraClear) and Scott Bartlett (CEO Orcon). I have collated all questions and forwarded these out for these CEOS to answer.

I will post an update with the answer as soon as receive them.

This week we have another telco CEO available for Q&A. Cecil Alexander, CEO, WorldxChange will answer questions you post in our forum.

It will be the same style: you post the questions in the forums, I will select ten or more questions and forward to Cecil.

This is part of a series of "You interview the CEOs" opportunities I am bringing to our users. Keep an eye here or in our Geekzone forums - more to come!

Vodafone $1 a day mobile data plan

By Mauricio Freitas, in , posted: 16-Jun-2008 22:03

Earlier today I posted about Trade Me's new mobile website and commented that this could be the game changer for mobile data usage in New Zealand. I wondered just if we would see any movement from mobile operators.

I only had to wait one hour, and here it is, a discussion about Vodafone's new $1 a day mobile data plan, including comments by Vodafone's man on Geekzone, Paul Brislen.

From July 28, customers will be able to surf the net, download music and games and play on their favourite sites without committing to a fixed monthly data contract.

The $1 a day casual rate gives customers up to 10MB of data – more than enough for most casual users on their mobile devices. Customers who go over that limit will be charged at $1 per megabyte and users who regularly need more can take advantage of our suite of data plans.

The new pricing is simple and affordable, and now applies to almost all internet data, including the Vodafone Live! portal. Sky Mobile TV and Vodafone Compass will continue to be free of data usage costs.

This mean the walled garden may become a thing of the past. It also means more people will be able to realise what mobile data can do for them - Trade Me is the largest web site in New Zealand, generating at some point about 60% of the national data traffic.

Telecom is already doing something in this area, with their "unlimited" mobile data for e-mail, but it is only for a specific phone model, but Vodafone is going a step ahead.

Anyway, a good step in bringing down data costs for the rest of us.

Auckland unleashes CCTV on you

By Mauricio Freitas, in , posted: 16-Jun-2008 14:49

I just received a press release where RoamAD, Kordia, Advanced Security Group Ltd and the Newmarket Police say how great it is that Wi-Fi CCTV security cameras are being deployed in Auckland's Newmarket suburb.

"CCTV helps prevent crime and also detect offenders and save evidence after crime has been committed. The wireless CCTV network not only enhances security over property but also greatly improves security for the people in and around Newmarket – shoppers, visitors and staff of the businesses operating in Newmarket,"’ said the office in charge of Newmarket Police, Wendy Spiller.

The monitoring personnel and street patrol units work in concert to hunt out potential problems and take action in full view of the cameras before an issue escalates.

"We are able to act on anything undesirable almost immediately. The monitoring personnel can focus and zoom the cameras on any problem area from within the police station, while simultaneously talking to a security patrol out on the streets. Images from the cameras are recorded and stored 24 hours a day, seven days a week and are immediately available to the Police,"’ said Newmarket Business Association general manager and project leader, Cameron Brewer.

"It’s a truly unique public-private partnership that has never been done on this scale and with this level of technology ever before in a New Zealand town centre," added Mr. Brewer.

This would be great if recent studies of CCTV programmes in London (UK) had not shown that CCTV are an invasion of privacy more than an effective security measure.

CCTV does not stop crime:

And researchers found that some of the schemes were botched, making them less effective. Six of the 14 control rooms were left unstaffed for part of the day or night. And in some cases, cameras could not capture clear images at night due to the glare from artificial lights.

The findings come as a blow to the Home Office, which has trumpeted CCTV as a key crime-fighting weapon for the past 10 years.

The report's author, Professor Martin Gill of the University of Leicester, said: "For supporters these findings are disappointing. For the most part CCTV did not produce reductions in crime and did not make people feel safer."

The only one of the 14 schemes found to be a success was targeted at car parks, where it led to a significant drop in vehicle crime. Other schemes in city centres, residential areas and hospitals produced no clear benefits.

CCTV boom has failed to slash crime, says police
CCTV doesn't reduce crime in UK
CCTV Frequently Asked Questions

What would you suggest? Do we need a nanny state? Do we need a surveillance police state?

Mobile Trade Me errors

By Mauricio Freitas, in , posted: 16-Jun-2008 14:24

It's just been released folks, be gentle. Don't overload the Mobile Trade Me server or you will see this message:

Mobile Trade Me live now

By Mauricio Freitas, in , posted: 16-Jun-2008 14:15

Some of you asked for this and here it is... New Zealand's largest web site has now a mobile version: Trade Me Mobile is live now.

The mobile version provides users with the expected features, including watchlist, listed items, sold items.

You can view details for listings, including description, photos, the Q&A section - and you can place your bid right there too.

Just a couple of errors with the usual "We have been notified of this error" message appearing when you click the Home link though. Workload too much?

Now I can see mobile Internet taking off in New Zealand...

The next question is to the mobile operators: where is the really affordable mobile data plan for the rest of us?

3 News says goodbye to WMV, hello to Flash video

By Mauricio Freitas, in , posted: 16-Jun-2008 10:28

For some time now we have been carrying links to 3 News video site in our Geekzone forums. It is a good deal for both of us: we list their latest technology video news and they link back to our Geekzone latest news from their technology pages.

This is what it looks like in our forums:

I haven't seen this in the mainstream media, but last week 3 News changed their site in many ways. First it moved from the old domain to the domain - a bit more descriptive of what it is about. This move leaves the domain for the TV business and is all news.

Also they have moved away from the Microsoft WMV format into a more widely accessible FLV format. I am sure this will help reaching a wider, more tech-savvy readership that prefer to use a browser other than Internet Explorer or even a non-Windows platform for their browsing habits.

The project took some time - I was notified of the changes a couple of months before it actually went live, and I was curious to see what would be coming out of that. It's a good result - clean and a much faster than the older domain.

It seems they have a partnership going with TelstraClear's new ClearNet portal - I can see ClearNet advertising on player and pre-roll media, and ClearNet has links and ads to 3 News (hey we are in good company then!).

I asked Siobhan McKenna, GM for Networks at MediaWorks New media division about this change and here is what she has to say:

The site includes  an emphasis on breaking news, much greater category depth, flash video and the ability for users to contribute news video, audio, stories and to comment on almost everything. TV3 has also made a substantial investment in its web architecture.  
As well as investing in infrastructure, MediaWorks has also boosted up its on-line editoral team, allowing then to take better advantage of the company's extensive media assets.
"Our editorial team now includes specialists in the areas of  Politics, Sport, Business Lifetstyle/ Health and Entertainment..When we add these specialists to the  award winning 3 News team, Radio Live , NZPA, as well  content from users I think we have an unrivalled offering. "
"Quality Video is always going to be our advantage over other websites and we are proud to say that we get breaking news video onto our site faster than anybody else" said McKenna.

Congratulations Sandi on joining TRUSTe

By Mauricio Freitas, in , posted: 14-Jun-2008 14:27

One of my Australian friends, Sandi Hardmeier has joined TRUSTe as an Online Compliance Researcher.

I've met Sandi many times around the world - a couple of times in Seattle for the Microsoft MVP Summit, a couple of times in Las Vegas during the CES, in Singapore for a Microsoft Windows Vista Lab, and somewhere else I can't remember.

From the official press release:

Ms. Hardmeier is a recognized and widely sought after industry expert in the field of malware and malvertizing and their impact on consumer privacy and security. She will play a key role in TRUSTe’s development of improved network monitoring strategies while providing customers with expert insight and recommendations to combat existing and emerging Web threats such as spyware, computer viruses, and other types of malware.

“Sandi has been studying malware since 2000, and has watched its metamorphosis from simplistic, easy to remove adware into the sophisticated crime-motivated products we see today,” said Fran Maier, executive director of TRUSTe. “Sandi will help us build our expertise in the important intersection between online trust, privacy and security.”

Sandi has been a Microsoft Most Valued Professional (MVP) since 1999, specializing in Internet Explorer and Internet Security as it pertains to business and consumers. She also has an array of published work and is the author of (a Web site dedicated to teaching Internet users about the latest risks to their online safety and how to stay safe when surfing the Web); (dedicated to providing technical support to users of IE7 and IE8); and (dedicated to providing technical support to users of IE6 and earlier).

Well done Sandi! See you around...

Visiting AMD in Austin, TX

By Mauricio Freitas, in , posted: 14-Jun-2008 09:03

Next week I will be visiting AMD offices in Austin, Texas. I am part of a small group of technology bloggers and journalists that will have access to some of their executives during the day.

I am opening a discussion on Geekzone asking for input on questions people would like to see answered by AMD.

You can post in our forums, as a comment here or just contact me in private.

Find out more now about the New Zealand Pavilion at CeBIT 2009

By Mauricio Freitas, in , posted: 13-Jun-2008 17:04

The folks from the NZTE are working already on their plans to take some New Zealand technology companies to the CeBIT 2009 - they have done this in the previous years with some good results, so if you are thinking of launching into Europe or other international markets, here is your chance.

To start these plans, NZTE is running a road show in early July to provide more information and gauge interest in the event.

The dates are:

9th July 2008 - Christchurch
10th July 2008 - Wellington
11th July 2008 - Auckland

For more information contact Sarah Munn at the NZTE offices. The email address is first name.last

Get your GeekTrade account now

By Mauricio Freitas, in , posted: 10-Jun-2008 18:17

I have been talking to the folks behind GeekTrade - an on-line auction site that deals exclusively with technology products - on doing some work together.

The first steps are complete now - GeekTrade lists the latest Geekzone news in their front page, while we are now hosting a GeekTrade community forum for them.

They are also running a good promotion where new users get an initial credit of $5 - but if you are a registered Geekzone user then you get a double initial credit of $10. 

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