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Congratulations Sandi on joining TRUSTe

By Mauricio Freitas, in , posted: 14-Jun-2008 14:27

One of my Australian friends, Sandi Hardmeier has joined TRUSTe as an Online Compliance Researcher.

I've met Sandi many times around the world - a couple of times in Seattle for the Microsoft MVP Summit, a couple of times in Las Vegas during the CES, in Singapore for a Microsoft Windows Vista Lab, and somewhere else I can't remember.

From the official press release:

Ms. Hardmeier is a recognized and widely sought after industry expert in the field of malware and malvertizing and their impact on consumer privacy and security. She will play a key role in TRUSTe’s development of improved network monitoring strategies while providing customers with expert insight and recommendations to combat existing and emerging Web threats such as spyware, computer viruses, and other types of malware.

“Sandi has been studying malware since 2000, and has watched its metamorphosis from simplistic, easy to remove adware into the sophisticated crime-motivated products we see today,” said Fran Maier, executive director of TRUSTe. “Sandi will help us build our expertise in the important intersection between online trust, privacy and security.”

Sandi has been a Microsoft Most Valued Professional (MVP) since 1999, specializing in Internet Explorer and Internet Security as it pertains to business and consumers. She also has an array of published work and is the author of (a Web site dedicated to teaching Internet users about the latest risks to their online safety and how to stay safe when surfing the Web); (dedicated to providing technical support to users of IE7 and IE8); and (dedicated to providing technical support to users of IE6 and earlier).

Well done Sandi! See you around...

Visiting AMD in Austin, TX

By Mauricio Freitas, in , posted: 14-Jun-2008 09:03

Next week I will be visiting AMD offices in Austin, Texas. I am part of a small group of technology bloggers and journalists that will have access to some of their executives during the day.

I am opening a discussion on Geekzone asking for input on questions people would like to see answered by AMD.

You can post in our forums, as a comment here or just contact me in private.

Find out more now about the New Zealand Pavilion at CeBIT 2009

By Mauricio Freitas, in , posted: 13-Jun-2008 17:04

The folks from the NZTE are working already on their plans to take some New Zealand technology companies to the CeBIT 2009 - they have done this in the previous years with some good results, so if you are thinking of launching into Europe or other international markets, here is your chance.

To start these plans, NZTE is running a road show in early July to provide more information and gauge interest in the event.

The dates are:

9th July 2008 - Christchurch
10th July 2008 - Wellington
11th July 2008 - Auckland

For more information contact Sarah Munn at the NZTE offices. The email address is first name.last

Get your GeekTrade account now

By Mauricio Freitas, in , posted: 10-Jun-2008 18:17

I have been talking to the folks behind GeekTrade - an on-line auction site that deals exclusively with technology products - on doing some work together.

The first steps are complete now - GeekTrade lists the latest Geekzone news in their front page, while we are now hosting a GeekTrade community forum for them.

They are also running a good promotion where new users get an initial credit of $5 - but if you are a registered Geekzone user then you get a double initial credit of $10. 

The Acer Ferrari 5000 eighteen months later

By Mauricio Freitas, in , posted: 10-Jun-2008 17:18

About eighteen months ago (December 2006) I received one of the famous Acer Ferrari 5000 notebooks sent out to bloggers and journalists for a Windows Vista review.

Back then it came with a "Windows Vista Premium Ready" sticker. This is a kind of late - but well deserved short review.

I am still happy with the hardware. In terms of performance it is a great desktop replacement machine, with a Windows Experience Index of 4.8. After eighteen months I now find a couple of problems:

- it runs really hot and if I push the graphics (playing Titan Quest for example) then it will shutdown automatically after a while. The only way around this is to have a fan blowing cold air directly on the notebook while gaming;

- in the last couple of weeks it failed to boot - it shows the POST and shutdowns. I think it could be because it was inside one of those carry-on notebook cases and could possibly have been shaken too much while rolling down the airport.

As for the software, I ran the original Windows Vista 64 bit for twelve months on this machine, but one day I scheduled a boot time CHKDSK and it never booted. So I decided to install Windows Vista 32 bit in early January 2008 because I was tired of the lack of 64 bit drivers.

And drivers takes me to the real problem with this machine: Acer must have the worst support for their products - even for a top of the class notebook with a hefty price tag as this one.

The only drivers available for this notebook are the ones orignally distributed by Acer back in December 2006. Since then Acer have not released any driver update - eighteen months! - which means a few problems:

- I can't reliably use the Secure Digital (SD) card slot for ReadyBoost because for some weird reason the SD reader "sleeps" after a while. I reported this problem to Acer through their contact page and - surprise! -  never received a reply

- I can't reliably hibernate or sleep this notebook because it will wake up at the most inappropriate times, such as while inside the backpack, causing heat problems. This again is a driver problem

- I couldn't run some games because Acer never released an updated ATI graphics driver - I had to use a special hack to force the installation of desktop graphics driver on this notebook.

It looks like the first PCs running Windows Vista could run it - but just. I have here in my home office a HP Tablet PC and even though with Windows Experience Index 3.0 it seems to perform much better - except for graphics of course.

I think only now we are seeing PCs and mobile computers that are powerful enough for Windows Vista. The Ferrari 5000 runs it ok, but Acer never released the much needed "refreshed" drivers for this machine...

What about Windows Vista? Have you noticed I didn't actually complain about it? The operating system works well. Granted I keep complaining of too much disc access, but with Outlook 2007 running all the time I think it's only fair to say this would be expected.

The main problem was drivers, and seriously this wasn't a Microsoft problem. One year on after its launch I see we finally have PCs that are actually good enough for Windows Vista.

Windows Home Server PP1 Beta open now

By Mauricio Freitas, in , posted: 10-Jun-2008 17:01

I have been part of the Windows Home Server Power Pack 1 private beta for a while, and I have to say it is solid. My Windows Home Server runs 24/7 for months without a reboot and it keeps our 2.5 TB of data safe.

Yes, it's a lot of data, but we have a few laptops and desktops around here, gigabytes of pictures and home videos and all duplicated for enhanced safety.

Power Pack 1 introduces a few new features and fixes, but most importantly it introduces a fix for a data corruption bug that could create problems if users were modifying files directly on the server shares.

The best new features? Support for PCs running Windows Vista x64, and backup of your Windows Hme Server shared folders.

Check the official Windows Home Server team blog for more information and how to get it.

You interview the CEOs...

By Mauricio Freitas, in , posted: 10-Jun-2008 10:04

This week and next we will be running some special interviews on Geekzone - you ask the questions!

I've managed to get some time from the CEOs of our largest New Zealand telcos and you will be able to post your questions in our forums. After a week I will lock the threads and forward those questions to each CEO.

To start the process this week we have two CEOs - Dr Allan Freeth, CEO TelstraClear and Scott Bartlett, CEO Orcon.

You can ask questions to Dr Allan Freeth in this thread and ask the questions to Scott Bartlett in this thread.

This is a great opportunity to have your questions posted directly to the big guys!

Media companies-sponsored politicians want to make P2P and region free DVDs illegal...

By Mauricio Freitas, in , posted: 7-Jun-2008 08:27

This is what happens when companies lobby the weak of mind... An international treat is being worked behind doors to make P2P illegal - even when used for distribution of material you legally own, and more.

Lots of information on WikiLeaks.

"Wikileaks points out that the U.S. politician behind ACTA is Howard Berman from California, a Democrat whose top four campaign contributors for 2006 were Time Warner ($21,000), News Corp ($15,000), Sony Corp of America ($14,000), and Walt Disney Co ($13,550)."

Is this being discussed in New Zealand? Is our government participating on this "work"?

Great forum participation: Orcon and WorldxChange

By Mauricio Freitas, in , posted: 5-Jun-2008 15:20

This is one example of great forum participation: Orcon giving more information on why people are noticing performance problems on their broadband plans and what's being done to solve this.

We have seen this kind of participation on Geekzone from WorldxChange, Vodafone, New Zealand Communications and more on the quiet side Telecom New Zealand as well.

Well done Orcon!

Apple itunes movies in France, Canada and the UK - death of Media Center?

By Mauricio Freitas, in , posted: 5-Jun-2008 08:02

Apple has announced their on-line movie offerings in France, Canada and the UK through its iTunes store.

There you go. How long before they do the same in Australia and New Zealand?

I currently use a Mac mini in the lounge, running Windows Vista Ultimate for its Media Center. But this can be quicky changed by simply setting a Bootcamp option and instantly revert to Mac OS. Or changing the OS may not be needed at all - but all the Mac OS eye candy...

Apple TV works with Windows Vista through the iTunes applications, so people don't even need to buy a lot of new hardware - a small box is all it takes to bring movies to your lounge. Forget about Windows Vista Media Center. There's a set top box that does it nicely - music, photos, video. Apple TV may be something interesting after all.

It is very tempting to avoid trips to a video rental store and download movies directly to your home theatre, over the Internet. Bring on fuel savings!

Microsoft is too U.S. centric and all their media offerings is always only available in the U.S. Add to this the lack of interest from content providers on Windows Media Center and it is a platform that may have its days counted now.

I wrote here before. In addition to having TVNZ on demand service as a browser application the developers should have worked with Microsoft to develop a Media Center add-in allowing people to watch those videos from their Media Center interface. But no, instead we are sucked into a browser - even though Media Center PCs have no keyboards and a beautiful user interface (and experience) that is not designed for that kind of interaction.

Microsoft is currently testing "Fiji", the next interaction of its Media Center software including a more robust support for DVB-T and HDTV. New Zealand, with Norway, is one of the very few countries using the H.264 standard for HDTV broadcast.

But is "Fiji" being tested here? No, if you are based in New Zealand the "Fiji" option is not available in the Microsoft's Beta web site.

Microsoft is really leaving consumer behind. Better rethink what you are doing - and think global...

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