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Vodafone prepay porting woes

By Mauricio Freitas, in , posted: 1-Apr-2008 12:23

A source tells me Vodafone NZ systems are down and any attempts to port a Telecom number into its prepay services can't be serviced at the moment.

The deadline for this service to be implemented is today. Will it work?

Opportunities in Next Generation Networks

By Mauricio Freitas, in , posted: 28-Mar-2008 17:19

I have got an invitation to attend the 2nd Annual Opportunities in Next Generation Networks, which I am not able to attend due to some conflicts.

Here is part of the description:

Telecommunication carriers are not the only ones racing to build, deploy and launch a variety of access infrastructures for NGNs. In today’s digital and telecommunications world, industries which have up until now sat on the fringes of the industry are poised to enter the world of network owners and operators.

» New and old media firms
» Internet giants
» Utility and infrastructure providers
» Government, health and educational institutes

All of them have necessarily become stakeholders in the broadband end-game.

Some look to benefit from synergies, whilst others see new revenue and business streams.

There are even those for which high speed broadband has become a necessity, making NGNs the logical vertical extension of their businesses. And as for New Zealand, our digital ambition cannot be realised without a strong foundation (infrastructure) for which to deliver our next generation (children) into the global marketplace – on an equal fitting with their global cousins.

The Inaugural Opportunities in Next Generation Networks Summit 2007 argued strongly that the “generation of tomorrow” has become a redundant cliché. That generation arrived yesterday.

Was LLU too late? How fast can we move on it? Where will investment come from? What options do we have?

The agenda looks good. It is a shame I won't be attending.

Geekzone pizza evening

By Mauricio Freitas, in , posted: 28-Mar-2008 08:53

In case you don't participate in the Geekzone forums, here is a tip: we are planning a Geekzone Pizza evening for the 16th April, here in Wellington.

Within minutes of posting it we got confirmation that some people managed to get some cheap flights to Wellington for those dates, thanks to Grabaseat.

We have a venue in mind, but it may change depending on the number of people who RSVP on the thread.

Once we have that confirmed I will post in the Geekzone Pizza evening discussion.

If you want to help this happen - YES WE ARE LOOKING FOR SPONSORS.

UPDATE: Our first sponsor is WorldxChange.

Look at your tummy button or what's wrong with the blogosphere

By Mauricio Freitas, in , posted: 28-Mar-2008 08:07

Ed Bott's rant about Techmeme, echo chambers and more is a great read - in my case because I completely agree with this part:

Uh, no. I look at Techmeme once or twice a month, just to remind myself what a waste of time it is, and then I go read stuff that matters. I have more than 100 technology-related websites and RSS feeds in my reading list. Very few of them ever talk about whatever is hot on Techmeme right now. Which suits me just fine.

And please, don’t get me started on Digg.

I guess for some people Techmeme and Digg are a great way to be found. Evey day I remove a blog from my RSS reader - it hppens when I see a post that is just a repost of something that happened two weeks ago as something "new". I've seen people writing about "new" things that actually happened months before!

Motion Computing going?

By Mauricio Freitas, in , posted: 27-Mar-2008 23:49

Interesting... Someone contacted me today to tell me Motion Computing was laying off 40 people. Did anyone hear anything about this?

It is a espresso, not a ristretto

By Mauricio Freitas, in , posted: 26-Mar-2008 11:33

If you follow my twitter you will notice coffee is a recurrent topic. A good coffee is sweet, needs no sugar and is refreshing - even when hot.

I like espresso at home. It's quick to make it. We do have an espresso machine here but for the sake of speed I bought a Nespresso machine. The coffee is still good, and it doesn't take all the cleaning after.

But I digress. The whole thing with this post is that New Zealanders tend to serve a ristretto when you order an espresso. The problem with this is that, unlike manual machines, automatic machines will not make the water go through faster, instead just pushing less water - as you can read in the wikipedia entry:

The resultant shot could be described as bolder, fuller, with more body and less bitterness. All of these flavors are usually attributed to espresso in general, but are more pronounced in ristretto. Because of this exaggerated flavor, ristretto is often preferred by espresso coffee lovers. Today, with the hand press out of favor and modern automated machines generally less controllable, ristretto usually just means less water; a normal (double) espresso shot is a 88 ml (3 fl oz), while a (double) ristretto is a 30-45 ml (1–1.5 fl oz).

A espresso should fill a demitasse. Some would call it a double shot. Here's a picture of what I know as a ristretto and served in New Zealand as an espresso. Bellow is what I know as an espresso and New Zealanders call double shot:

I have a few demitasse here. But lately I am enjoying this bodum glass - it is insulated with air, so the coffee stays hot for longer, with the glass itself being cooler.

Your opinions on coffee?

Vodafone New Zealand huge telemetry project

By Mauricio Freitas, in , posted: 25-Mar-2008 14:41

I've heard a rumour that Vodafone New Zealand is prearing to start a huge telemetry project - with thousands, if not hundreds of thousands of devices being deployed.

What's this all about?

Where is the Windows Home Server love in New Zealand?

By Mauricio Freitas, in , posted: 22-Mar-2008 08:01

The Windows Home Server team has posted an update to their Home Server World Cup - and New Zealand is still #2 in terms of relative uptake for this smart server for domestic use.

Also interesting to note is Windows Home Server was first released in New Zealand - I actually bought a license as soon as it was released here and have been using it since.

But despite the fact kiwis love technology and are in general very early adopters, the big players are not coming to this market. I contacted HP asking if their MediaSmart Home Server would be coming down here and I was told that no plans existed for the moment.

A few local companies will put a very good machine together to host your home server if you need. But we don't see here the number of brands and options the European market is seeing. I'd like to see at least the HP option around!

By the way, this is an old screenshot, our Windows Home Server is now up to 2 TB and 80% full - and the crappy 1 TB Maxtor drive was replaced with two 500 GB Seagate FreeAgent, which are much more reliable.

We should ban exclusive phone deals for buildings

By Mauricio Freitas, in , posted: 22-Mar-2008 07:36

We here in New Zealand should make this move too: FCC Bans Exclusive Phone Deals for Apartments.

Of course some factors are different here, since we tend to live in houses more than apartments. But more and more people chose apartments near the central areas for "lifestyle". Students also tend to live in shared apartments.

And when it comes to chose their provider most are stuck with whatever the landlord or building administration decides is better for them - and in some cases those buildings even have PBX systems installed and the owners charge for calls and broadband.

Give consumers a chance to decide what's better for them - and more economical too.

Windows Server 2008: the banner

By Mauricio Freitas, in , posted: 19-Mar-2008 22:38

This is me with one of the banners showing my quote during the Microsoft Windows Server 2008 launch in Wellington:

Microsoft is using those banners around the country. I think I am in good company.

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