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RIP Sir Edmund Hillary

By Mauricio Freitas, in , posted: 11-Jan-2008 11:44

When I moved to New Zealand I was impressed with the recognition Sir Edmund Hillary received in this country.

Who, besides the Queen, would be of such a character as to figure in the national currency (the NZ$5 note)?

Today Sir Edmund Hllary is dead. Not many details yet but I am sure the story will be well known to all New Zealanders in the next few hours - if not minutes.

In my ten years here so far I've came to know more about his story, the Everest, expeditions and philantropic work.

From the Wikipedia on the Everest expedition:

The route to Everest was closed by Chinese-controlled Tibet, and Nepal only allowed one expedition per year. A Swiss expedition (in which Tenzing took part) had attempted to reach the summit in 1952, but was turned back by bad weather 800 feet (260 m) from the summit. During a 1952 trip in the Alps, Hillary discovered he and his friend George Lowe had been invited for the approved British 1953 attempt and immediately accepted.[5]

Shipton was named as leader, but was replaced by Hunt. Hillary considered pulling out, but both Hunt and Shipton talked him into remaining. Hillary was intending to climb with Lowe, but Hunt named two teams for the assault: Tom Bourdillon and Charles Evans; and Hillary and Tenzing. Hillary therefore made a concerted effort to forge a working friendship with Tenzing.[5]

The Hunt expedition, like many such expeditions, was a team effort. Lowe supervised the preparation of the Lhotse Face, a huge and steep ice face, for climbing. Hillary forged a route through the treacherous Khumbu Icefall.[5]

The expedition set up base camp in March 1953. Working slowly, it set up its final camp at the South Col, 7,900 metres (25,900 ft). On May 26, Bourdillon and Evans attempted the climb, but turned back when Evans's oxygen system failed. The pair had reached the South Summit, coming within 100 metres (300 ft) of the summit.[6] Hunt then directed Hillary and Tenzing to go for the summit.

Snow and wind held up the pair at the South Col for two days. They set out on May 28 with a support trio of Lowe, Alfred Gregory and Ang Nyima. The two pitched a tent at 8,500 metres (27,900 ft) on May 28, while their support group returned down the mountain. On the following morning, Hillary discovered his boots had frozen solid outside the tent. He spent two hours warming them before he and Tenzing attempted the final ascent, wearing 30-pound packs.[5]

The crucial move of the last part of the ascent was the 40-foot (12 m) rock face later named the "Hillary Step." Hillary saw a means to wedge his way up a crack in the face between the rock wall and ice, and Tenzing followed.[7] From there, the following effort was relatively simple. They reached the summit at 11:30 am.[1] As Hillary put it, "A few more whacks of the ice axe in the firm snow, and we stood on top."[8]

When referring to this expedition to the top of the world he said: "We knocked the bastard off."

In 2003 Time publised an interview "A visit with the world's greates living explorer". Stuff has published an obituary:

Sir Ed – as all New Zealanders knew him - never forgot that he reached the summit with Tensing and he devoted the rest of his life to fundraising to improve the health, education and the environment the Sherpa people of Nepal.

When he first started that work he personally built many of the schools and hospitals in the Himalayas with his own hands.

It is a sad day.

Telecom New Zealand releases GSM data roaming prices: where is the competition?

By Mauricio Freitas, in , posted: 11-Jan-2008 08:56

Here we go again ranting on the mobile operators... If you don't know yet (but should) Telecom New Zealand is in the path of migrating its CDMA EVDO Rev A network to a mix of WCDMA and HSDPA.

The new network is being deployed from this year, but CDMA EVDO Rev A (wich has been just been completed last month) will stay around for another five years.

Telecom has announced the prices for data roaming on overseas GSM/3G networks. And it is not pretty.

You see, prices are pretty much similar to Vodafone's own prices - an absurd amount of money. Let's take for example if you go to Australia:

Telecom New Zealand: NZ$8/MB, Vodafone New Zealand: NZ$10/MB (on Vodafone Australia) or NZ$30/MB (non-Vodafone networks).

That's expensive. It's NZ$8 per megabyte (and up to NZ$30 per megabye if using a Vodafone account on non-Vodafone networks)!

In most hotel rooms you can get a full day of broadband for AU$29.95. Or you can get onto Telstra WiFi Hotspots for AU$27.50 a day. Or you can ask the office you are visiting if they have an open network for visitors.

Of course, since the only Telecom "worldmode" (GSM and CDMA) device is a phone you might not end up using much - unless they have plans to have loan WCDMA data cards for you to use while on those overseas networks.

Overall it's great to have an option now in terms of data roaming. The bad thing is that I would like to see prices 1/10th of these.

Bt the most important thing to realise is his is a direct and high cost of doing New Zealand business overseas!

Oh, and Vodafone's excuse is that prices are set based on what overseas networks charge us. But do they want me to believe Digicel (Aruba) charges the same as T-Mobile (USA) or Telia (Denmark)?

Vodafone updates: what a mess

By Mauricio Freitas, in , posted: 11-Jan-2008 08:42

I am still reinstalling the applications in my laptop, after the Big Meltdown last week. Last night I was reinstalling the cellular data connection software.

I use two providers for mobile data: Telecom New Zealand (CDMA EVDO Rev A) and Vodafone New Zealand (HSDPA).

Telecom provides me a much better experience in New Zealand with better CDMA EVDO coverage than Vodafone's HSDPA service. And sometimes much faster too. Vodafone, on the other hand, provides me with data cards that I can actually use while overseas.

Mind you I don't use Vodafone data roaming overseas anymore, because it costs NZ$30 per megabyte when I am in the US. So I just use their data cards with some overseas SIM card. But I digress. I actually use Vodafone here in New Zealand when I can't get onto the Telecom network for some reason - and their coverage not always coincide so it's good to have both options.

Last night I downloaded the latest software for the Telecom hardware I have here (the Sierra Wireless AirCard 595 PCMCIA and the Sierra Wireless 595U USB). I installed the software and had both devices working in less than five minutes.

I proceeded with the Vodafone software. I have a Novatel Merlin XU870 Express Card and the Huwaei E220 (vodem). The Vodafone New Zealand website lists the VMC 9.1 as the latest supporting these. I downloaded it, the slowest possible connection to their servers and installed. It took about 90 minutes to get both devices working.

Then I found out the VMC 9.1 software causes some problems, such as disabling the built-in WiFi while connected and the solution is VMC 9.2 - which is supposedly available in the Vodafone Business website (a corporate site, not the Vodafone New Zealand site).

Good luck trying to find the software though. If you browse the site by OS, the Windows Vista page says the latest version is VMC 9.1 (which I already have) and actually says the Merlin XU870 is not supported (when I know it is). If you browse by hardware, the Merlin XU870 page says the latest is the VMC 6.0 released in 2005 (way before the Merlin XU870 HSDPA was even released?).

But I can't find th VMC 9.2.

Is it really hard for Vodafone to actually make things easy for their users? I guess after the ten days roaming fiasco between Vodafone Australia and Vodafone New Zealand we can expect anything.

To the point: uncov

By Mauricio Freitas, in , posted: 9-Jan-2008 11:10

One of the best commentaries on web 2.0 technologies and people, with very heavy wording, uncov goes to the point (most of the times).

Also worth checking are the pictures and captions for each post - an example posted here.

The blog is no fail. You can read a Wired Q&A with the author Ted Dziuba.


Windows Home Server Power Pack 1 coming soon

By Mauricio Freitas, in , posted: 8-Jan-2008 08:53

Now that the Windows Home Server Power Pack 1 story is out I can talk a bit more about my experiences with Windows Home Server. You probably read about a catastrophic failure around here: the Windows Home Server crashed because of a faulty drive, the replacement unit goes to sleep and never comes back - and my Windows Vista laptop had to be completely rebuilt exactly when my backups were not on the server.

Just before my Windows Home Server crashed I had installed the Windows Home Server Power Pack 1 Release Candidate. As Ed points out it's not a public beta and in the hands only a few people who have ben testing Windows Home Server heavily.

My plan was to exactly test the new server backup functionality. Alas the unreliable Maxtor drive caused the whole thing to come down and the WD drive just is not good enough.

But let's look at the good side: the server is up again, now with 100% Seagate storage and working well. I managed to talk to the store where I bought the WD drive and I am able to return it - in which case I will get anothe Seagate drive and use it as the server backup.

This new feature (screenshot below) allows users to designate a drive to be used as a backup of user content on the Windows Home Server. Even with duplication you may have problems - what happens if the server is stolen or the house burns down?

With server backup you will be able to copy the files to an external unit and take it away with you or have it on a secure location.

Another new feature in the Windwos Home Power Pack 1 is the support for Windows Vista 64 bit. The original Windows Home Server did not have a Connector for that OS, but now users will have this option.

Upload and download of files to the home server is now easier when using a web browser. Also when downloading files you have the option of downloading multiple files in ZIP format or on a new self extracting format.

I still find a couple of problems though, mainly the Path Too Deep errors that happen when a very large file (more than 4 GB) is copied to the shared folders within the server itself (files copied from other PCs on the network are fine).

I don't know when the Windows Home Server Power Pack 1 is being released but it is already in the Release Candidate stages, so it should be soon.

Windows Home Server crash, Windows Vista crash, bad Maxtor drive, worst Western Digital drive

By Mauricio Freitas, in , posted: 7-Jan-2008 10:28

What a start of the year... Well, first perhaps I should say that we had a nice holiday in Napier, the Art Deco city in New Zealand. And I hope you all had a good break too.

But technology failed me, horriby.

First the Maxtor OneTouch 1TB drive died - again. I bought the original Maxtor OneTouch 1TB drive in April 2006. Through December 2007 it was replaced twice because of failures. This time it is out of warranty and I am not ever going back to a Maxtor now. Three units failures in less than two years?

Because of this my Windows Home Server died. I had the Duplication option set but it seems the Maxtor crash was too much and I had to reinstall Windows Home Server from scratch. Which was a bit of pain because it didn't like the first HDD already partitioned. The solution was to get a Windows Server install DVD and use it to delete the partitions and start the install again.

To replace the Maxtor I bought a WD MyBook 750GB. What a bad decision. I should have searched first. This drive goes to sleep when there is no activity and the only way to mount it back is by unplugging it and plugging again. This is not good for a home server. There are lots of reports of this problem and Western Digital seems not to respond support requests.

The end result? Windows Home Server noticed the drive "unplugged" and couldn't remove it without a reboot.

Now I am using this drive as a backup only. I can't return it because I don't have the original box any more and I found the problem after a few days only because the drive was always up while Windows Home Server copied things.

The solution will be to go back to the shop and buy a Seagate Agent. Those drives are perfect. I have a 160GB for my laptop, plus a 500GB and 320GB on my Windows Home Server and they work ok.

As for Windows Vista on my laptop, I scheduled a boot time CHKDSK and Windows Vista wouldn't start up.

I spent Saturday evening reinstalling Windows Vista, Office and the other basic tools I need. Since my Windows Home Server died just before the trip I didn't have all the files available for restore, but luckily I use Carbonite for on-line backup and I am restoring the files from the storage on the cloud.

Also while installing Windows Vista I decided to go for 32 bit this time. I was getting sick and tired of not having 64 bit drivers or having to download different versions of programs - even Microsoft doesn't generate 64 bit applications - there's no Office 64 bit and Windows Home Server doesn't currently have a 64 bit connector.

So this is how I spent the last three days of my holidays...

Australian government officialy nanny-state: Internet filtering

By Mauricio Freitas, in , posted: 1-Jan-2008 07:11

Another quick post due to the holidays. The Australian government decided that they know better than the people who elected them, and it is making Internet filtering mandatory in Australia.

I agree with Zoli's comments:

"The Land of Oz is already in 2008.  Too bad they ring in the new year with a controversy over government  censorship. Good intentions aside, letting Big Brother grow on people is never a good idea.  Governments can not, and should not take over the family’s responsibility.  It’s a slippery road… governments by their very nature tend to expand: porn filtering today, political views tomorrow - we know where it leads

If you are a parent, sister, brother, uncle, aunt, YOU (and not the government) have the joy and responsibility of bringing the children to a safe and better world."

A dubious filter today can be turned into a political tool tomorrow. It's dangerous. Don't let this monster come in sneakily.

Have a good 2008.

Puzzle time: what do these have in common?

By Mauricio Freitas, in , posted: 31-Dec-2007 13:42

I will give a copy of Windows Live OneCare security software for anyone who posts here a comment explaining what is the relationship between "motherforker" and "J Edgar Hoover" and what happened to motherforker after the 1970s.

I will close comments here about the 5th January 2008... Let's see if any old timers will know this.

Pointui: new cool user interface for Windows Mobile devices

By Mauricio Freitas, in , posted: 31-Dec-2007 08:09

Pointui looks like a cool new user interface for Windows Mobile devices, and it will be a free add-on software for your handheld!

The program will be released soon - just follow the countdown at There Is No Place Like Home - but if you want to see some action, check the Flickr and the YouTube pages with some images and footage.

Just about time too. I think we desperately need an update in the user interface. Spb Mobile Shell is good but still looks "old" fashion. I wonder how well this works with devices such as HTC Touch?

The Netscape browser is dead

By Mauricio Freitas, in , posted: 29-Dec-2007 10:26

Another short post during the holiday break: AOL has announced end of development for the Netscape browser, and plans to stop shipping security patches for its current version as of 1st February 2008.

I remember using Netscape since its first version on a Windows 3.1 environment, with Trumpet Winsock.

For nostalgic people AOL suggests downloading the Mozilla Firefox and add the Netscape theme.

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