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Internet Marketing is biggest threat to Twitter

By Mauricio Freitas, in , posted: 26-Mar-2009 09:18

You all know those websites promising fortune and glory. You could get $5,000 a week without leaving home! Learn how to earn Google money using a "system" someone is selling for $49 - a $250 off!

What a bargain, isn't it? If this could really provide you with $5,000 a week why is this guy selling his "secret"?

Yes, you get the idea. If it's too good to be true, then it probably is.

And we have Twitter, the microblogging service that is fun - until you start getting the damn spammers in your "followers" list.

For example I've created a new Twitter account to share my favourite RSS clips with friends - and the world. After only a couple of days it has a few followers. But let's look at their profiles:

"Internet Marketing & Attraction Marketing Instructor"

"I will help you learn how money works and how to make it work for you!"

"Husband, father, social media,tax guy, blogger, startups, entrepreneur, consultant. How can I help?"

"Internet Marketer/Author/Entrepreneur"

"Hustling my way through life, Marketing, SEO, Affiliates, Comedy, Youtube, Motivational; I rarely check DM's if you sent one please @ me letting me know thxs"

"Internet Marketing & Attraction Marketing Instructor"

"I help entrepreneurs grow their businesses while working less."

"Full time network marketer and loving being able to help others. In top 25 of company I work with."

"Clickbank ready packages - book, website etc. Please ask me for more info"

"Father / Husband, Internet Marketer, Traffic Specialist, Affiliate Marketer, and Coach"

Oh yes, they are all my "friends". And what do they post in their tweets? Just have a look at these:

Or this one:

Look at those numbers. This person is obviously spamming away, and he still has more than 40,000 people following his tweets!

I said it before about blogging: the people making most money with blogging are those teaching others how to make money with blogging.

And look at all those messages. What are those links you ask? Don't bother visiting, I will give you a glimpse of some of those:

One of these actually create a long video with precise instructions on how to get more than 30,000 Twitter Followers in a few days. With big loud words and all:

These days I had to turn off the Twitter e-mail notifications. If people noticed I don't follow back, it's simply because managing Twitter followers is too much of a time consuming task, when you receive a few notifications every day, check each profile and decide that 80% of those are spammers.

There are two types there: the ones that have a huge following (such as those examples here), or those who use automated tools to create an account, follow a couple of thousand people and post a single tweet saying something like "It really works, I got a free iPhone, visit my site".

Even if you decide to block these "gurus" you still have to visit their profiles at least once. And that's when you see their (very annoying) messages.

There's also the problem with people who are so eager to have followers and show how "engaged" they are that auto-follow tools are used to automatically follow new "friends". It means at least in a few cases those "gurus" get undiscriminate follow back. If you are not discerning who you follow back then your list is probably already filled with these contacts - shame on you for feeding these guys!

Twitter is not helping either - they should attach the new followers' profile to the notification e-mail - this would save users a lot of time managing the list. They should also include a "Block this user" link on each email too.

Seriously. When people start talking about "Twitter Conferences", "bringing Twitter to schools" or "companies should use Twitter" you have to stop and think there's something wrong there. The service should really exclude these type of spam/scam otherwise it will have so much noise soon that it will die. A well deserved death.

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