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Join the SocialMediar group on Facebook (and fill the plane too!)

By Mauricio Freitas, in , posted: 18-Dec-2007 16:36

If you are involved in social media (on-line, off-line, on the line, whatever) you might want to joing the SocialMediar group on Facebook.

The group was created as an extension of the BarCamp Auckland 2007 and is designed to discuss social-media in New Zealand and how it relates to Advertising, Web, Marketing and most importantly communities.

An interesting mashup is Nigel Parker's suggestion for the the first live meeting: why not on board of an Air New Zealand plane? For this he created a "flight" in the Grab-a-plane promotion: join the "flight" and when it is full it will be in the draw so the entire group can win an airplane for a full day.

Air New Zealand Grab a plane

By Mauricio Freitas, in , posted: 14-Dec-2007 09:39

Ok, let's get into this game... One of our moderators, Steve Biddle, has created a "Geekzone flight" in the latest Air New Zealand promotion Grab a plane.

You can join the Geekzone flight now - full planes go in the draw to win the flight to anywhere in New Zealand for a full day - for everyone in the plane. The flight plan is Wellington - Dunedin. so if you join the flight, be prepared to depart from Wellington.

You can also create your own flight to other destinations.

Looking forward to attending Barcamp Auckland 2007, Kiwi Foo Camp 2008

By Mauricio Freitas, in , posted: 11-Nov-2007 10:39

I have just finished booking tickets to attend the BarCamp Auckland 2007 and the Kiwi Foo Camp 2008 (a.k.a. Baa Camp).

Last night I got an e-mail from the BarCamp organisers with an status update - quite long, with lots of details. First there's Microsoft New Zealand joining the event as a sponsor - well done guys! Then there's a second sponsor (which I can not disclose yet) that is commited to providing food during the event.

They also provide a tentative agenda and a Twitter feed for the BarCamp Auckland 2007. Even though they are six weeks away there are plenty of space - so get on their website and register now.

About the Kiwi Foo Camp 2008, the organisers (Nat Torkington and Russell Brown) are already sending out invites (Kiwi Foo Camp is by invitation only) and if you have received an invite make sure you reply now, otherwise the seat might go to someone else.

Last year's Kiwi Foo Camp was 100% full, and it was a great event with a mix of Kiwi and overseas visitors.

Make sure you book the flights and acommodation now (unless you are thinking of camping again).

Speaking at BarCamp Auckland 2007

By Mauricio Freitas, in , posted: 29-Oct-2007 08:48

I posted the BarCamp Auckland 2007 on EventFinder. I was invited to attend and speak at the gathering, which is happening in Auckland, 15th December 2007:

We want NZ designers and developers to find working on the web fun again and to want to learn and expand their understanding of the accessible, semantic, standards based and social web.

Lots of more details on the BarCamp Auckland 2007 webpage - including registration form.

The event is free, but limited to 175 people so make sure you register now.

And by the way, EventFinder is a cool site listing gigs and other events around the country. You can link to friends and organise your plans on attending the events, review, comment, etc... Really cool site.

Google sued for Crimes Against Humanity

By Mauricio Freitas, in , posted: 22-Sep-2007 09:35

Incredible how Americans sue for anything - and everything. Frivoulous lawsuits are everywhere. Even a judge, one who should know better, sued a dry cleaner for US$65 million because of a pair of pants. Of course he lost the case - and his job.

This one though is really something to laugh about. It's obvious that it has no merits and it's obvious Google will win. But hey, the dumb people need to overload the system, right?

Parts of the suit (pdf and full case):

1 The plaintiff Dylan Stephen Jayne Prose a Citizen of the County of Pike, State of Pennsylvania... wishes to file a complaint under 42 v.s.c. 1983 denial of civil and constitutional rights.

2. The defendant is Google Internet Search Engine.

3.STATEMENT OF CLAIM: Dylan Stephen Jayne, plaintiff, has a Social Security Number that when the Social Security Number is turned upside down in its entierty (sic) it is a scrambled code that does spell the name Google.

3. The UNITED STATES JUSTICE DEPARTMENT is heading the investigation into allegations of crimes against humanity all or in par on plaintiff of this complaint against Founders of Google Search Engine on the Internet.

4. Plaintiff's safe is in jeopardy.

11. Plaintiff DEMANDS $5,000,000,000 in damages from the defendant(s) if Founders of the Internet Search Engine Google.

12. Plaintiff is a UNITED STATES CITIZEN.

13. Plaintiff and defendant(s) have a responsibility to fight the War on Terrorism.

14. Plaintiff's Constitutional Right to Privacy is being violated.

15. Plaintiff discovered this Code of Plaintiff's Social Security Number on 9.16.07 September 16, 2007.

16. Plaintiff and defendant(s) could be subject to detainment by The UNITED STATES OF AMERICA for suspition (sic) and/or assisting in Terrorism or Affiliating with Terrorist Organizations.

Now, where is that "I see dumb people" t-shirt?

Speaking at TUANZ Business Internet Conference

By Mauricio Freitas, in , posted: 18-Sep-2007 09:10

I was invited (and accepted) to speak at the TUANZ Business Internet Conference 2007, here in Wellington, 7 and 8 November 2007.

The conference theme is "Moving Your Business Online - The Tipping Point us Upon Us". I will lead the "User Generated Content" session (7 November, 4:10pm) and also participate in a panel session "Blogging your customers" (8 November, 4pm).

I am also planning to be attending the TUANZ Business Internet Awards 2007 afterwards.

TUANZ (Telecommunications Users Association of New Zealand) is a not-for-profit organisation that for 20 years has been promoting the needs of end-users of telecommunications in New Zealand. 

There's a YouTube video inviting people to visit the TUANZ website and also to attend the conference. I don't think Ernie will be playing in the conference though...

Speaking at TUANZ Business Internet Conference and Awards

By Mauricio Freitas, in , posted: 4-Sep-2007 11:22

I was invited to speak at the TUANZ Business Internet Conference and Awards 2007, 7-8 November 2007, in Wellington.

I am one of the guest speakers and I will talking about user generated content, user interaction and more. I am also participating in a panel discussion entitled "Blogging your Customers".

TUANZ (Telecommunications User Association of New Zealand) is a not-for-profit organisation that for 20 years has been promoting the needs of end-users of telecommunications in New Zealand. Their vision statement  is "Targeting the Top Ten in the OECD for Communications Technology."

The association aims to increase the uptake, educate New Zealanders as to the potential of the technology, and push the Government and vendors to deliver top quality, affordable service.

Karajoz Great Blend in Wellington again

By Mauricio Freitas, in , posted: 23-Aug-2007 10:21

I just got an invitation and wrote down in my calendar:

It's Karajoz Great Blend Time again, and Public Address has pulled together another fine line-up of intellectual entertainment, news and debate - and we'd like you to join us.

For our penultimate event of 2007, we are taking over The Overseas Terminal in Oriental Bay.

This time we are over-the-moon to present Singapore’s ‘Blogfather’ Lee Kin Mun, or mrbrown to his readers, and web supremo and former head of interactive at the BBC Dr William Cooper.

Joining them onstage and debating all the digital issues known to man will be TVNZ’s Tom Cotter and Radio New Zealand’s Mark Cubey.

If you’ve been to past events you’ll know that the night’s blend of information, debate, discussion and entertainment is not to be missed.

Also, Public Address has convinced its favourite band, Christchurch’s L.E.D.s to venture north, and the night will be fuelled by coffee from Karajoz, Monteith’s beer and wine from Hatton Estate and backed by TVNZ and the British Council.

When and where:
The Karajoz Great Blend
The Overseas Terminal Function Centre
1 Herd Street
Chaffers Marina
Oriental Bay

Thursday 30 August 2007 from 6pm

I've been to a Karajoz Great Blend before and it was heaps of fun. You should try to be there.

That's how it all started: Apple-1 print ad

By Mauricio Freitas, in , posted: 20-Aug-2007 11:28

I found this Apple-1 computer ad through a private group and it's just too good:

Very impressive is the 1 kilobaud interface for cassete and "pseudo-compiled" Apple Basic free! Also note it can be upgraded to 16K RAM, "when they [chips] become available".

It was also known as Apple I.

IDC Government Insights conference in Wellington

By Mauricio Freitas, in , posted: 16-Aug-2007 14:15

Today it was a really late start, due to my cold and sore throat. I missed the whole first morning of the IDC Government Insights conference here in Wellington.

Even though my head still hurt, I couldn't miss this event and the fact I was personally invited by Amit Gupta, IDC New Zealand General Manager.

I already met some familiar faces around the show floor and I am now attending the sessions. shame I missed Hon. David Cunliffe, Minister of Communications & IT addressing the audience this morning.

interesting thing is the number of Open Source sessions today and tomorrow.

Ihave attended "What is the Changing Economic, Community, Environment and Cultural Landscape in NZ and how do we Maximise ‘Being Digital’ to Address the Challenges?" by Janet Mazenier, Digital Strategy Programme Manager, Ministry of Economic Development. Janet has just announced the Digital Future 2.0 Summit, later in November 2007, where leaders will be discussing the national digital strategy.

Next I am planning to attend "Reaping the Strategic Benefits of Open Source in Government" by Murali Sagi, Director of Information Systems & Corporate Services, Judicial Commision NSW. Murali was responsible for the delivery of a decision support system developed with a combination of Linux, Apache, postgresql and PHP. It hosts about 450,000 legal documents and over 500,000 legal statistics.

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