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2Cheap Cars discussion

By Mauricio Freitas, in , posted: 12-Mar-2016 09:42

I have posted a longer version of our 2Cheap Cars problems and troubles saga on Geekzone – we have a sub-forum for cars, bikes and other vehicles there.

Enough to say we aren’t happy with 2Cheap Cars.

Things coming up fast: new job at Intergen, Microsoft TechEd 2013

By Mauricio Freitas, in , posted: 29-Aug-2013 12:48

After seven years working on Geekzone, I thought it would be a time good as any to go back to a full time employment relationship. So I've landed a job with Wellington-based (but with a worldwide presence if you count Australia and USA) Intergen, a system integrator shop that specialises in applying Microsoft technologies to solve business needs. This includes fancy things such as  business solutions, consulting services and delivery of software applications including Microsoft SharePoint, Microsoft Dynamics, Azure and everything else really.

But I'm not joining any of these delivery teams. In fact I'm joining the marketing team, which means I will be involved with their online content and presence, leveraging both the technology knowledge from my previous work and the online experience with communities acquired through Geekzone.

Except the time I spend in front of a Geekzone page, nothing changes on the site. I continue to work with our great team of volunteer moderators to keep the forums a family show, stay the course for some of the initiatives we have (Geekzone Jobs, Geekzone Price, Geeksphere and Digitl content syndication) and keep things running otherwise.

I also have plans to continue attending conferences as before (Intergen has been really good at balancing this) and in fact the next one coming up is Microsoft TechEd New Zealand 2013, which is happening in Auckland 10th - 13th September. For disclosure I will be attending as a Microsoft media guest with access to behind the scenes and speakers.

Nate's planned a Geekzone IRL event on the 13th September so I will be there in the evening, and if you're in Auckland think of joining us. Registrations open now.

Man fiction page

By Mauricio Freitas, in , posted: 13-Aug-2013 11:12

I was asked on Twitter for some "man fiction" books I am following on my Amazon Kindle. So I put together this "man fiction page" where you can follow some of the series I’m tracking.

Nespresso and Caffeluxe capsules

By Mauricio Freitas, in , posted: 22-Nov-2012 21:59

Someone found out The Warehouse is importing South African-made Nespresso-compatible capsules, so I decided to stop by and compare.

TL;DR? Half price, but you can taste the difference. Read more in the Geekzone discussion with more pictures.

Your opinion is so highly regarded you shouldn’t talk about the topics you talk

By Mauricio Freitas, in , posted: 19-Nov-2012 17:07

Not the first time I post a comment here on this blog or Twitter and someone comment with a "You have a large audience  and shouldn't be spreading ideas such as this" or "You have a position of influence so you shouldn't post this".

This mainly happens when the person posting the reply doesn't agree with the idea I have just posted or have a business interest that conflicts with the idea.

The way I see those comments they are something like "I don't like what you are saying and because you have a large audience that could believe you I rather you not posted it online".

Think about it for a second. My audience or my position of influence is not an automatic gag order if one disagrees with me.

The last example came after I posted a tweet:

In my ops world I follow a good rule: less is better. If I have the option of running something without having to add more to my stack on the server, I will. If I have to add anything to the server, it needs to be really good to justify a spot in the box. And in my books there's nothing great (at the moment) that would make me install JRE on my servers.

So I got a reply:

I guess Paul wanted to say "shouldn't be engaged". But you get the point.

Geekzone Freeview Pizza 2012, now with more HP laptops

By Mauricio Freitas, in , posted: 17-Mar-2012 10:21

This week I got confirmation of another sponsor for our Geekzone Freeview Pizza 2012: HP is coming to the party, with three HP mini laptops to giveaway, one for each of the events. Not only received the confirmation, I have already received the laptops:

We have been running these pizza evenings for the last six years, always with great sponsors. These are not geeky evenings, but a time where some of our users can get to meet each other, and put some faces to names and avatars. As in previous years we know of some Geekzone users flying to attend all three events (Auckland, Wellington, Christchurch) - I will be hosting all three so looking forward to seeing everyone around.

The Geekzone Freeview Pizza 2012 is sponsored by Freeview (pizza), 2degrees mobile (drinks), and Giapo (ice cream in Auckland). Registrations are still open to Geekzone users.

We are still open to other prize sponsors, as usual!

I’m on heello too

By Mauricio Freitas, in , posted: 11-Aug-2011 11:16

Yes, it's true. The Twitpic crowd has launched You can find and follow me at

The (no) joy of FedEx logistics

By Mauricio Freitas, in , posted: 13-Jul-2011 10:31

A friend sent me a box via FedEx. She's in Hawaii, where FedEx must have a hub. I think so because every time I track a FedEx parcel coming to New Zealand it goes through Honolulu before landing in Auckland.

When she sent me this parcel from her home state I thought "great, this will be even faster than other parcels coming from one of the other continental states". Just look at the picture, and  you will see how wrong I was:

FedEx logistics crazy routes...

Yep, from Hawaii, to two different locations in California, then back to Hawaii before coming to New Zealand. What a waste of time there. I guess it will not make it to the estimated delivery date, FedEx?

Back in New Zealand

By Mauricio Freitas, in , posted: 13-Jun-2011 08:09

I am back in New Zealand (but not home yet)... What a journey. Thanks to Air New Zealand and not so much to United Airlines - big fail from them.

Online resources people can use (Christchurch earthquake 2011 02 22)

By Mauricio Freitas, in , posted: 22-Feb-2011 20:19

On Tuesday, 22 February 2011 at 12:51pm (NZDT) a 6.3 earthquake hit Christchurch.

At the time of this post the death toll is confirmed at 98, but there is still work to be done, rescue operations in progress, so final numbers are unknown.

This list was updated 25th February 11:06 am (NZDT).

Map picture

Emergencies: call 111 from any phone

Government help line: 0800 779 997

Preferred online resources:

Business Help (seek and offer peer help to keep businesses running)

Civil Defence (check for frequent updates)

Christchurch Earthquake Crowdmap (map of events and people around Christchurch)

Google People Finder (add or search for people who are safe or missing)

Volunteer Army Quake Response (requests for non-life threatening tasks)


Other online resources:

Canterbury (response information by New Zealand government)

Canterbury (response information by Environment Canterbury)

Christchurch Quake Map (interactive map with latest earthquake movements)

Def Aotearoa (sign language status update)

EQ Viewer (Environment Canterbury map of events, shared content and notices)

Find A Room (site with listings of accommodation)

GIS resources (help with GIS, licences, software, etc)

Google Crisis Response (consolidate Google information, maps, tweets)

LivingAirSpace (shared office space, in Wellington, listing)

LivingAirSpace (shared office space, in Welllington, Trade Me listing)

Trade Me (links to different categories with free offers of help, accommodation)

Quakebeds (links to other resources)

Quakehelp (requests for needed items such as medicine, labour, etc)

#eqnz IRC Channel on Freenode (constant conversation, people discussing how to provide help online)

Wellington Airport Facebook page (some accommodation in Wellington region may be needed for stranded passengers, check current status)



ANZ (check for banking, branch and ATM information)

Bank of New Zealand ATM status (check for banking, branch and ATM information)

Kiwibank (check for banking, branch and ATM information)

National Bank (check for banking, branch and ATM information)



Donations to Christchurch Earthquake appeals (TVNZ page listing links to current appeals)

Give a little (donations)

New Zealand Red Cross (donations, help information)

Vodafone Red Alert TXT Donation (information on fund established by Vodafone New Zealand and how to donate here and in the UK)


ICT help:

Microsoft New Zealand (To affected home users, businesses, partners in the affected area)

MindKits (web hosting, payment gateways, technical support, network)

NZNOG Christchurch Earthquake Assistance (The New Zealand Network Operators Group assistance to network admins)

Unleash (offered colocation, hosting, virtual machines)

Where is My Server? (Virtual server, infrastructure to help businesses)

@velofille (contact her through Twitter for temporary servers to keep businesses running)


TV/radio coverage:

TVNZ Live Streaming

TV3 Live Streaming

Radio NZ news

Radio NZ audio stream



Tag #eqnz for all tweets related to the event

Tag #eqnzcontact for people trying to find more information about people they know in the area but can't be contacted

@CEQgovtnz (official stream)

@christchurchcc (official Christchurch City Council stream)

@CHC_Airport (Christchurch airport official stream)

@NZCivilDefence (the Civil Defence official stream)

@safeinchch (reporting people are safe in Christchurch)



Mobile operators are requesting people to use mobile phones for emergency and essential calls only. Networks can easily be overloaded. Users should rely on SMS for short messages, status update. Telecom New Zealand confirmed there are free WiFi hotspots at Telecom Riccarton Mall, Cafe Zero Cashmere Road + Westpac Centre Addington. If you're in Christchurch, conserve your mobile battery and change your voicemail to let people know you're safe.

Orcon is making landline calling in and out of South Island free until 25th February 2011 midnight.

Orcon network status (network status and general information on communication tools)

Telecom New Zealand Earthquake page (general information on communication tools, from 3am on Wednesday 23 February, 280 payphones in and around Christchurch will be have free calling for local, national and mobile calls)

Telecom New Zealand Facilities Finder (where to find WiFi hoptspots, free payphones, etc)

TelstraClear Christchurch Earthquake information (network updates)

TelstraClear Christchurch Earthquake Staff Support (for staff and families, TelstraClear staff in CHC can call 0508 633423 to check in)

Tomizone (Free WiFi Hostpots for at least next week)

Vodafone New Zealand Christchurch Earthquake Support (network status and general information on communication tools)

WorldxChange (network status and general information on communication tools)

Zenbu WiFi (check availability of WiFi hostposts by entering "Christchurch" in "Show zones" search box)



An email is going around asking recipients to act as intermediary to receive donations, with a 10% cut. This is a scam, as advised by the Ministry of Consumer Affairs.

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