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Registering a .mobi domain: check prices

By Mauricio Freitas, in , posted: 22-May-2006 13:01

As posted before, we are now in the "industry sunrise" registration period for .mobi domains. During this brief period, companies with telecommunications industry affiliations (including the New Zealand Wireless Data Forum) can register their trademarks as [trademark].mobi.

As part of the NZWDF and as a registered trademark holder (Geekzone®), I decided to take advantage of this offer.

The AsiaPacific company managing registrations is MelbournetIT, which in New Zealand runs Domainz. I was quoted AU$450 (US$340) for a 2-year registration. I found that I am not required to use MelbourneIT though, and since I already have a GoDaddy account, I went there to check the price.

Not surprising, the GoDaddy registration is US$200, which is a lot cheaper.

Go figure: the source of TLD is the same, the number of people registering during the period is limited and the same, so why this huge price difference?

Needless to say which one I used to register the domain. Here is a list of .mobi registrars available you can check.

.mobi TLD registration dates

By Mauricio Freitas, in , posted: 18-May-2006 13:31

If you hold a trademark, and belong to one of the following mobile industry organisations, then make sure to register the [trademark].mobi during the "sunrise registrations" period: AMTA, CTIA, CWTA, GSMA, MMA, MEF, NZWF and RCA.

Yes, that NZWF is the New Zealand Wireless Data Forum. All members (as of last week) are in a list sent to the TLD manager and will be allowed to register trademarked names with the new mobile TLD (top level domain). The sunrise registration period is from 22 - 29 May 2006.

After this other trademark owners will be able to start registering .mobi domains during the 12 June through 21 August period.

A Land Rush period starts 28 August. That's when a premium list of names will be available to the highest bidder.

And, finally, after 14 September, open registrations begin.

BBC Interviews wrong Guy...

By Mauricio Freitas, in , posted: 18-May-2006 12:24

This is hilarious. A BBC reporter was supposed to interview one Guy Kewney on some technology issues (the Apple vs Apple lawsuit in the UK), but when they called "Guy" to the studio, the wrong one showed up. Look at his face when she starts asking some questions... BBC recognised the error and posted about this, later:
Guy Goma, a graduate from the Congo, appeared on the news channel in place of an IT expert after a mix-up. But Mr Goma, who was wrongly identified in the press as a taxi driver, was really at the BBC for a job interview. Mr Goma said his appearance was "very stressful" and wondered why the questions were not related to the data support cleanser job he applied for.
I imagine this could be really stressful for Mr. Guy Goma, but I think he did well with his answers. Probably better than some "experts" would. What really surprises me is this happening on BBC. Can't we trust any news source anymore?

Verisign Personal Identity Provider

By Mauricio Freitas, in , posted: 18-May-2006 11:03

Found the Verisign Personal Identity Provider through the Scripting News blog. Can anyone tell me how is this service different from having a MSN Passport, er, Live account?

You're invited to visit and try out a beta version of an identity service we've provided. It's called the VeriSign Personal Identity Provider (“PIP” for short), and you can find it at The VeriSign PIP is designed to provide a “home base” for users who want use OpenID applications. Users who register with the VeriSign PIP get an OpenID – a URL they can use to login and authenticate at sites that accept OpenID. In addition, the VeriSign PIP lets you store profile information, and control how, when and with whom that information can be shared.

This is coming from the same company who just announced the purchase of GeoTrust, bought mQube and runs part of the Internet infrastructure (including DNS servers and even the whole Australian stuff). Some stuff to think about, right?

Now, I don't have a problem with the company offering a diversified portfolio, and I even use Verisign's Personal Certificates for e-mail.

I am just wondering why Microsoft Hailstorm caused so much "revolt"? Ok, I agree with this article where it lists trust and reliability as tenets of such a service, but lots of privacy advocates were raising their voices then, but I don't read much about Verisign, or even Google Accounts.

[Microsoft Backs Down, Privacy and Security Risks Bury Hailstorm.] Microsoft has abandoned its Hailstorm or "My Services" platform because of privacy and security risks inherent in centralized storage of personal information. EPIC, along with fifteen leading consumer organizations, sent a series of complaints to the Federal Trade Commission in July and August 2001 detailing the privacy risks in the Microsoft Hailstorm system. For more information, see the EPIC Sign Out of Passport Page. (Apr. 11)

Google offers a set of API and services (e-mail, calendar, credit card payments, personal websites, databases, blog tools) all under a single account.

How are Google Accounts and Verisign PIP different from MSN Passport?

Anyway, I will read more about this, even use the service to see exactly what's the story...

UPDATE: I've created an account, and a couple of interesting features: you can create profiles to share different bits of information with different sites, and you have access to a log showing which sites asked for your information including date and IP address. I tried a login to Livejournal, and it worked, but it's not different than MSN Passport (except of course with the additional Profile features and an option to allow access to your profile for a single login, until a certain date or forever).

Virtual Project: Web-based project management

By Mauricio Freitas, in , posted: 17-May-2006 21:04

I was just having a look around I received an e-mail from Ben Fellows about this service which, believe it or not, is free (for now).

The software is completely web-based, and allows clients to create projects, manage resources, tasks, extract reports and more - including e-mail notification when new tasks are added to your to-do list and delegation so other users can login and work on your project. Just look at the screenshot below for an idea:

The software allows project management on-line, from virtually anywhere. It seems to have been developed in ASP.

Currently in Beta, and it looks very interesting. Ben is looking for some interested investors.

Xbox 360 Gift Box

By Mauricio Freitas, in , posted: 12-May-2006 14:14

The Courier just left a parcel here with a very nice gift box wrapped in Xbox 360 tape, with a chocolate cigar and a promo CD.

The CD contains high resolution product pictures, E3 pictures, press information about new and upcoming games and most importantly, high resolution trailers (Windows Media and Quicktime) for some of the new games.

I have to say the Halo 3 trailer is impressive. As Fable 2. I have Fable PC Game and it is a very interesting environment. Other trailers in the CD are Gears of War, Alan Wake, Lost Planet, Moto GP 2006, Call of Duty 3, Lord of the Rings - Battle for Middle Earth 2, Brothers in Arms and Sonic The Hedgegog.

I am not a big fan of console games, but Hadley seems to enjoy these and wrote our Xbox 360 review.

Do you have a Windows Media Center PC at home?

By Mauricio Freitas, in , posted: 4-May-2006 22:24

If you have a Windows Media Center PC at home, please leave a comment here... I might have something for you...

One entry only please. I will conduct a draw Monday (8 May) and contact the winner via e-mail...

Geekzone attracts gripes and smug postings?

By Mauricio Freitas, in , posted: 1-May-2006 21:01

An article on Dominion Post/Infotech today says that
Online forums such as regularly attract gripes and smug postings about customers' findings.

Taken out of context this quote is not a good thing for Geekzone, but you have to read the whole article:
According to the OECD, retail broadband services are widely available and relatively cheap in New Zealand compared to most other developed countries.

However, Telecom has been dogged by accusations that it has under-invested in capacity and that its quality of service falls short.

For more on this, check this thread where users discuss the 3.Mbps ADSL upgrade that doesn't seem to offer 3.5Mbps at all, and the summary of findings on Tony's blog.

Also, check the discussion on Xtra's plans to install monitoring software on user's computers (according to Stuff):
Telecom doesn't plan to give customers access to this data.

How bad is that?

You see why we attract "gripes and smug posting about customers' findings"? Simply because people see Geekzone as the place to talk to other users, exchange information and find what's really going on.

Fewer usenet servers in the world: Xtra to phase out NNTP server

By Mauricio Freitas, in , posted: 28-Apr-2006 08:39

I was reading the nz.comp newsgroup and found out that Xtra (New Zealand's largest ISP, owned by Telecom New Zealand) is planning on phasing out its usenet server (NNTP).

I know ICONZ doesn't have one, and now Xtra. I use but I wonder how many other ISPs don't provide this service.
Apparently Xtra posted a message in all groups on their server, without replication to outside:
For some time Xtra has hosted a complimentary Usenet server.

However, the number of people using this service has steadily declined and there are now only a few hundred regular users.

Because of this decline in popularity, we have decided that, from May 3, we will no longer provide the newsgroup service.

If you'd like to continue using newsgroups, there are other services available such as, or free services such as MSN Forums and Google Groups.

We like to apologise to the small number of regular users who will be affected by this change.

I am waiting for confirmation from someone inside Telecom New Zealand, but if true this is appaling.

Xtra is already blocking POP3 access from outside its network, affecting people travelling and forcing them to use the webmail page or pay for a "secure" access. The ISP is also blocking SMTP servers, forcing people on their network to use their SMTP server, not allowing any other server inside their perimeter - so no home user running their own mailserver.

If this is true, what part of ISP (Internet Service Provider) are they missing?

Xbox 360 Water Balloon Challenge

By Mauricio Freitas, in , posted: 26-Apr-2006 14:43

I do like PC games (mainly Microsoft's Age of Empires II and III, Rise of Nations, Diablo II LoD, CounterStrike and Day of Defeat), but I am not a big console game fan.

However, we have to concede, these guys had lots of fun:

This was the Xbox 360 Water Balloon Challenge, which took place at Sydney's Coogee Beach (Australia) last weekend.
According to the information on this record attempt, 2,951 gamers were involved, with more than 55,000 water balloons being thrown in an fun-fight breaking the previous record set by Spain in 2005, where 2,677 people threw 50,855 balloons).

The event raised more than $15,000 for the Coogee Surf Lifesaving Club.

Apparently there were enthusiast gamers from all over the world. And look at that weather...

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