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The new Stella Artois viral

By Mauricio Freitas, in , posted: 9-Nov-2007 15:38

A couple of weeks ago I found that Stella Artois had a new website up with a very interesting viral element.

You probably remember the Stella Artois ads (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7) where someone will go through anything to keep his bottle of this favourite beer - always with a twist at the end. Those were very clever ads and they have now moved the same kind of content into their new website.

If you visit the website now you will see a story and a series of puzzles you can solve on-line. All with a very noir style. Worth seeing it.

I am writing about this because of the technology behind it, and because I was surprised with an invitation to an on-line event (or something like this) that Stella Artois is promoting here in New Zealand.

Now, I am not sure how the PR folks for the beer maker found out this is the beer I order (and the one I have in my fridge right now) - but I am curious nonetheless.

Just one thing to complain (because we have to have our voice heard!)... Stella Artois is brewed in New Zealand, under supervision. But cafes and restaurants still list it under "Imported Beers", which I think is cheeky of them.

TUANZ Business Internet Awards 2007

By Mauricio Freitas, in , posted: 14-Sep-2007 10:25

This is a funny short movie from the Telecommunications User Association of New Zealand (TUANZ):
I will be speaking at the TUANZ Business Internet Awards 2007. Found through Ben Kepes's blog.

Intel: IT Gets Easier campaign videos

By Mauricio Freitas, in , posted: 25-Jul-2007 16:39

These are two videos directed by Christopher Guest for Intel's campaign IT Gets Easier:

Top ten ways to kill your server

By Mauricio Freitas, in , posted: 17-Jul-2007 10:35

IT admins should pay attention to this video:

Winner of Most Obscene Banner Award 2007

By Mauricio Freitas, in , posted: 29-Jun-2007 09:52

The winner of Most Obscene Banner Award 2007 must be handed to the the crew who created this ad for Yahoo!Xtra Answers:

It's obviously an air guitar solo, right?

The perfect credit card for Geeks: World of Warcraft Visa

By Mauricio Freitas, in , posted: 9-May-2007 10:08

This what a bunch of geeks were waiting for: The World of Warcraft Visa Rewards Card. How's that for a "captive" audience?

According to the press release, credit card reward points can be redeemed for game time. Not only this, but they are also offering a promotional free month of World of Warcraft time to cardholders upon their first use of the card.

And no annual fees. Of course. No time to pay fees. People are too busy eating pizza, drinking beer and playing WoW...

Only available in the U.S. though.

Vodafone: World of Geeks

By Mauricio Freitas, in , posted: 11-Apr-2007 09:12

Found this Vodafone advert through izzatz and thought it was appropriate here:

Space Invaders

By Mauricio Freitas, in , posted: 25-Mar-2007 19:22

Oh, good old times of Space Invaders:

Loki and the Vanishing Point Game

By Mauricio Freitas, in , posted: 1-Feb-2007 09:03

If you have been following the Vanishing Point game and answered all the puzzles you should have received an e-mail just minutes ago. If it is stuck on your Junk Mail folder, here it's for you then:

Congratulations on a game well played, and thank you for helping us disappear.

You were not the first to guess our identity, but because you played our game, we want to tell you our secret.

There is no such person as Loki - or rather, she is four sisters who decided to be one extraordinary person. 

Each of us has a unique talent:

Lorelei is our tinkerer.  Clocks and counting, space and time:  she is our genius. 

Odessa is our performer, our actress and magician, the girl we send in to dazzle and charm.  Odessa goes to meetings:  Loki gets promoted.  It's very convenient. 

Kara is our reader.  With a love of history and a photographic memory, she gives us access to any fact, figure, or event at a moment's notice.

Ivy is our spy.  She's the girl you dont notice, the face you don't remember, and vanishing is what she does best.  Ivy has gotten us out of more than one impossible situation.

Together, we have presented L.O.K.I. to the world.  Our mask and super-hero, LOKI has allowed us each to be bigger than ourselves.

When we heard Microsoft and AMD were looking to give extraordinary prizes to exceptional people, we knew LOKI could never find a more perfect job.  This, Odessa said, would be a trick we could never top.  O, how we wanted this job!  (And what clever, unfair, underhanded things we did to the other applicants to make sure we got it!  But that's another story.)  And once we got the job, we all agreed that Loki's greatest triumph would be her last.

We created the Vanishing Point to reward the smartest minds (and communities) on the planet - and still we underestimated you.  We used our smarts and our guile, not to mention money and connections and countless hours of time - and still you humbled us.  We knew the terrain and barely gave you a mapand that didn't stop you.  We built puzzles that should have taken you days and you solved them in hours. 

"Loki" is a genius:  but you were far more brilliant.  You were thought made fire.  You were lightning.

Thank you for your work, your talent, and your dedication.  It has been a privilege to witness:  an honor and a delight.

For each of us to live, Loki had to die.  Thank you, thank you beyond words for taking her to the Vanishing Point.


And the massive on-line and real life game is now finished. For each puzzle you solved some more points were added to your account, and the organisers will soon draw some prizes, including a trip to the edge of space, plus PCs and software. Good luck in the draw.

You can find much more information in the Vanishing Point Wiki.

Saving Private Ryan 1337 speak

By Mauricio Freitas, in , posted: 29-Jan-2007 10:20

This is simply excellent. Very funny, but not completely PC, so hit that Play button only if you don't mind the jokes:
Found through Morbidly Amusing blog (some NSFW stuff there).

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