Moving this blog to the edge

For many years I have hosted this blog using my own software, a fork from the base blog software I run on Geekzone.

Yesterday I decided to move the blog away from that platform and use a combination of Publii (a static site generator), Github Pages and Cloudflare Pages.

After looking around for different static site generators (and there are many), I settled on Publii because it’s easy to install, configure and integrates well with the rest of the stack.

Cloudflare Pages is a Jamstack architecture integrating Git workflows, build tools and pre-rendered content that is served directly from the edge.

This mean the blog can be served independently from my server – actually completely let go of the web server, logic, database and more stuff I had on my collocated hardware.

This reduced the amount of time I need to spend maintaining my code, released server resources and reduced attack surface on that box.

All changes are made on my computer and stored locally. When I am happy with changes (settings, theme or new posts) I can just push the button to generate and synchronise a static version of the website to a private GitHub repo and from there wait a few seconds to have Cloudflare automatically build and deploy a new version of the static site to the network edges.

What’s more, this means the total cost to run a website is zero (limited by 500 builds per month on the Cloudflare side).

I made a decision to not migrate my old blog posts – the exception being only my Technology Disclosure, where I list the products/devices I have been given by different companies on short- or long-term loan for reviews.

This article was updated on Wednesday, 28 July 2021

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