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Web technologies podcast, Geekzone coffee group

By Mauricio Freitas, in , posted: 7-Nov-2006 23:24

If you are interested in web technologies you might want to listen to this week's The Microsoft Developer Show #13 - The Future of Web Development podcast, hosted by fellow MVP Nick Randolph.

In this podcast you will hear Microsoft New Zealand's Darryl Burling talking about web 2.0, ASP .Net Ajax, WPF and more. He also comments on the Geekzone coffee group I run here in Wellington, meeting at Astoria every Wednesday 1:30pm.

Windows Live Barcode services: create your QR code

By Mauricio Freitas, in , posted: 6-Nov-2006 19:01

I just found out about another Microsoft Windows Live service (yes, still no directory of these services anywhere): Windows Live Barcode. With this site you can create a QR code with your busines card information, or from a free text.

Windows Live Barcode

The QR code is a bi-dimensional bar code capable of storing up to 7089 characters. QR Code carries information both horizontally and vertically, capable of encoding the same amount of data of a standard bar code in approximately one-tenth the space of a traditional bar code. It looks like this one:

An example of business application for this code, as shown in the demo, is having the business card information encoded and printed on the top of the card or on its back. Using a mobile application you can take a picture of this code, and automatically scan it for the information, adding to your contacts database.

Interesting that the demo shows a Windows Mobile application - but there's nowhere to download such a thing - yet. I would like to have one of those. And I would print QR codes on my business cards, for sure. How geek is that?

By the way, be the first to post below the correct contents of the QR Code in this page and I will have an Amazon gift voucher for you.

Windows Vista getting closer: teams sign-off

By Mauricio Freitas, in , posted: 5-Nov-2006 10:20

It looks like Windows Vista is getting closer fast. I just read this on Richard Sprague's weblog:

The speech team finally signed off on Vista, which means after exhaustive testing we don't know of any issues that stand in the way of our users productively using speech. Of course, we're one of many teams, so this doesn't mean Vista is ready to ship (yet) but we're extremely close.  I'm running the latest bits on my Toshiba Tablet M200 and it sings: it's amazing what kind of things you can still do even on a relatively old (2 1/2 yr old) laptop. Besides speech recognition (of course) I have the new graphic drivers and the wonderful aero interface.

So this is good news. First that a piece is done. Second that even old hardware is supporting Windows Vista - well not so news after all. I too have a Toshiba M200 here and had Windows Vista running with Aero Glass UI. This is good to show to people thinking that Windows Vista will always require new hardware.

The only question really is, will manufacturers release new drivers for the old hardware we have around?

Microsoft Zune stuff

By Mauricio Freitas, in , posted: 4-Nov-2006 10:28

Microsoft is pushing the Zune out of the door this week. If you don't know what I am talking about, don't worry, you will soon be inundated with information about Zune, but here is some interesting tidbits...

The Zune is a media player device with 30GB (gigabytes) of storage space, 3" colour display and with wireless networking capabilities. The Zune Website is now live, and you will find lots of information there.

With the device comes a new on-line music store, where you will be able to purchase your songs, with DRM of course.
Microsoft Zune

But even with DRM, there's an interesting twist: using the wireless capabilities you can "beam" any music from your device to a friend's device. Create your own mini-community! Share your media! Let the media be free!

There are limits though: a friend can only play a shared song 3 times in 3 days, after which he must buy the song to continue using it. Fair enough.

And a fineprint caught my attention today: "Recipients cannot re-send music that they have received via the sharing feature." This can't be right. How can they expect a viral thing to happen if the "virus DNA" can only be transferred once?

Anyway, you can have your own content there too. the Zune software can import audio files in unprotected .WMA, MP3, AAC; photos in JPEG; and videos in .WMV, MPEG-4, H.264. So all is not lost, yet.

As usual, Microsoft (and other consumer electronics companies) started thinking of U.S. only. The Zune won't be available elsewhere for a while, and unlike Apple iTunes store, the Zune store does not seem to be available outside the U.S. for a while. Reports come in that Microsoft UK have no idea of who their music store partner is going to be, so things will be slow outside the North American market.

Also, MSN Music is closing doors this 14th November, being replaced by the Zune store:

Beginning November 14th, 2006, MSN Music will no longer offer music downloads through the MSN Music store. The "Buy" buttons that you are used to seeing on the MSN Music album and artist pages will change to links that connect you to Zune and Real Rhapsody. See below for information regarding how this change will impact your MSN Music account.

And the recently launched Urge (a partnership between Microsoft and MTV) doesn't seem to be getting any exposure either.

So, what happens with the Windows Mobile Portable Media Center (PMC) now? The supporting MSN Music store is gone. You will have to supply your own content or rely on third party suppliers. If they don't migrate to Zune as well.

Communities are being built around the new device. Check Zune Thoughts and the virtual Zune User Group for detailed content and discussions.

Still, would I consider a Zune? Hmmm. Yes. The geek in me is asking for one. To replace my aging PMC. Will it be a rival for the Apple ipod? Only time will tell.

Vodafone VMC and Vista

By Mauricio Freitas, in , posted: 3-Nov-2006 10:19

In a previous post I pointed out that some companies are in a state of "let Vista be in the wild first, then we develop and update", which means they will be late, and impacting businesses around the world.

Some of our Geekzone users around here tried the Vodafone vodem USB device to connect to Vodafone's HSDPA cellular data network with their Windows Vista tablet PC and laptops, and it simply didn't work.

Today I got an official reply from Vodafone New Zealand regarding this issue. The response is

The VMC software for Vista is being developed globally. I can’t give you an exact date for delivery, but it is in development. The upgrade will be available for download from You can register for software updates online.

Microsoft Windows Vista is very close. Consumers won't see it until 2007, but enteprise IT is already planning deployments. I know of at least two large deployment projects in New Zealand. Also Windows Vista will be available to MSDN subscribers seven days after the RTM. So it is possible the final version can be used by business customers and developers as early is the first week of December 2006.

So I guess this settles the question, at least on this software.

Voice activated services: ifbyphone

By Mauricio Freitas, in , posted: 2-Nov-2006 23:05

A few years ago (more like back in 2000) I was looking into unified messaging. A single mailbox with voice mail, e-mail, fax and other services. At that time i found lots of such services, some even free, but something was missing in all of those.

The thing was that all services required you to use a Web browser to access the information. But we all know there are more mobile phones in the world than computers. So why not use those devices? The missing element was "voice". Voice activated services, such as text-to-speech and speech recognition are the key to access unified messaging services.

My interest on this subject was mainly because of some of the projects the company I was working for, Unisys, had in progress. Those included voice messaging, unified voice messaging, voicexml etc. I even wrote a sms-to-landline service and our team was involved in deploying a flat menu-based voice mail service. Alas those are things that run on mainframe hardware.

A few years later, I am still curious about those things. Microsoft Exchange Server 2007 now provides an unified messaging paradigm (I wrote about it here and here), but not all companies or small businesses run Microsoft Exchange Server.

Today I got a tip about an interesting service, called ifbyphone. I registered to the free trial using my SkypeIn number in San Francisco (you can register from anywhere, but some services seem to be only available in the U.S.) and gave it a work out.

Ok, the flash introduction is a bit cheesy. But you can go over that. The registration requires a 10 digit number, which must map to a U.S number (hence using my SkypeIn number instead of my New Zealand number) and it's painless. You will be automatically assigned an e-mail address within the domain, with webmail access.

You can configure other external e-mail addresses with both POP3 and IMAP server types supported. The service allows you to call the access number and be automatically identified (if you don't block the Caller ID). After entering a PIN you have access to e-mail, headline news, weather alerts, reminders, notes, even RSS feeds you configure into your account.

You can press a menu option number on your keypad at any time, or simply say a command. Speech recognition is vey good, even with my funny accent.

An interesting feature is the e-mail keyword monitoring. You can setup the service to check your mailbox(es) and call your number if an e-mail arrives with any of the keywords. I tried this and it really works. Nice.

The service still needs a bit of polishing. Like some of the live menus play different voices (male and female). I'd like to have all a single voice style, perhaps being able to select via a menu to have one or another? Also all the menus are a bit confusing, but once you find your way around, it's ok.

Of course you can have some of these features if you use a Pocket PC and a program such a Fonix Voice Central. But then you are not using a simple mobile phone.

So there you go. It's what I was looking for, five years ago. Live now.

Native American listening iPod on Google Maps?

By Mauricio Freitas, in , posted: 31-Oct-2006 09:59

This is an interesting combination of nature and man made:

Native American listening iPod on Google Maps

On Google Maps (50° 0´38.20"N 110° 6´48.32"W). That's in Canada!

I will use Microsoft Foldershare, someday

By Mauricio Freitas, in , posted: 28-Oct-2006 19:50

I am all for using Microsoft Foldershare... When they remove the 10,000 file limit per sync library. If you know any other similar service, please post in the comments.

Yes, I know about Good Sync, but I want something that works over the Internet.


Vodafone and Palm

By Mauricio Freitas, in , posted: 27-Oct-2006 13:02

The Wellington Mobility User Group meeting last night was very interesting, with Vodafone New Zealand showing new Windows Mobile devices coming in the next three to four months. I am sorry if you missed the meeting, but I can't provide you details of these devices, but keep an eye on Vodafone next week (1st November) and in December.

After the event I had a meeting with Vodafone New Zealand and Palm. Dion Knill (Vodafone, Business Terminals) and Geoff Anson (Palm, Sales Director) gave me details on some of the work the companies are doing together. All will be revealed soon, but until then, here are some interesting facts I gathered from the meeting:

- Vodafone New Zealand is bringing 16 new "Handheld Business Devices" (HBD) soon, 8 of these being Windows Mobile devices, the rest are Symbian devices. All come with Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync capabilities.

- Palm commisioned a study which showed the uptake of some common activities, before and after users moved to a Treo smartphone: 93% of users browse the Internet on the handheld device, against only 20% who used to do it with their previous device. SMS usage also increased from 52% to 87% and e-mail utilisation grew from 15% to 93%.

- Vodafone New Zealand is offering an one hour "Mobile Mentor" session when companies purchase any of the HBD with a business plan. Dion told me this helped improve the understanding on how these devices work, why use them and how to do it better.

- Vodafone New Zealand is running a "try and buy" programme for qualified customers. You use one of the HBD for a few weeks and then decide to keep it or return it. Apparently the "keep" rates are as high as 85%. How do you know if you are a "qualified" customer? Your account manager will let you know.

There you go. Some interesting mobility facts. More on this later.

Age of Empires III: The WarChiefs and Flight Simulator X

By Mauricio Freitas, in , posted: 27-Oct-2006 12:13

The WarChiefs is an expansion pack for one of my favourite games: Age of Empires III. A friend of mine introduced me to the Age of Empires Series years ago, and I have had all titles since then.

One of most interesting things in all those series was the soundtrack. I recommend you visit the official website for Age of Empires III and check the soundtrack accompanying The WarChiefs. It's really cool music. The visual is great, and if you visit the site you can watch the video trailer. As usual great production!

This time gamers will engage in epic warfare in the Americas where they will lead native American civilizations (Sioux, Iriquois and Aztecs) to expand their empire and fight for control of the Americas.

Age of Empires III: The WarChiefs

Other game just released here in New Zealand is the Microsoft Flight Simulator X. For you guys who like fliying, this is a must. Check this screenshot:

Microsoft Flight Simulator X

By the way, if you want some good posts about gaming in general, check geekpulp.


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