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Microsoft no longer blocking GMail accounts from Live ID

By Mauricio Freitas, in , posted: 13-Nov-2007 15:45

Last week I was alerted by a friend about Microsoft not allowing accounts when registering for a Live ID using an existing e-mail address.

I contacted Microsoft during the weekend and was informed that this was not their intention and it was the result of some wrong configuration.

I have just been informed - and confirmed - that are no longer blocked and can be used as a Live ID when registered through their site through the option to use an existing e-mail address.

All in all a very good and quick response from the Microsoft Windows Live team.


By Mauricio Freitas, in , posted: 13-Nov-2007 09:36

This is interesting... It looks like Microsoft allows some customisation of its portal. I found through referrals to Geekzone that PC manufacturer Lenovo is offering a Lenovo-branded site (

There aren't or though.

This is interesting because those subdomains are in general reserved for services (,,, and so on).

UPDATE: I found out that Lenovo and Microsoft have a deal since March 2007 on this (through ArsTechnica).

Zune v2 video reviews

By Mauricio Freitas, in , posted: 13-Nov-2007 08:32

My friend Jason Dunn has published stacks of video reviews on the new Microsoft Zune v2 over at his site Zune Thoughts.

Below is a promotional video Jason's found in the reviewers kit. I won't be sharing his own videos because it is better for you to watch them on his site, with the associated comments.

It's worth checking these out - I won't publish individual links because he's posting a video for each interesting feature, so just hit the Zune Thoughts homepage and go from there.

Android: the first videos and Google $10 million bounty

By Mauricio Freitas, in , posted: 13-Nov-2007 08:21

Google has setup a $10 fund to award developers who create the best applications for its new mobile platform, Android.

Below you can see a video showing the capabilities of this platform on a reference design device - don't expect to buy this specific handset anytime soon, but if all goes well, by the end of 2008 we should see the first devices hitting retail stores:

For more information visit the Android Developer Challenge webpage or the Android Developers Blog.

New forum on Geekzone: offers and wanted

By Mauricio Freitas, in , posted: 12-Nov-2007 11:18

A couple of months ago we launched the Geekzone Jobs forum. It's free to post a job offer and to contact companies there. I hae received reports that some have already applied to jobs listed there - which is great.

Then last week we decided to create the Geekzone Offers and Wanted forum. It's just a forum where you can post something you want to sell, or you are looking to buy or trade.

Again there's no fee for listing anything there. But there are rules. Basically the moderators won't accept first time posters. If the post is not coming from someone that has already participated in the community then it will be deleted.

We will be doing this to prevent spam - and because it's a way of giving the known users the credibility they deserve.

In the future we will be working on some system to provide feedback on users' participation in all forums, so the system will be automatic.

Just as an example, Brad sold his HTC Titan only a couple of hours after posting it up for sale in the forum. He used the sale income to purchase the HTC Okta.

So it works, and you don't pay anything. So use it. Ad make sure to grab its RSS feed to keep an eye on new offers (each forum has is own RSS feed).

The Okta Touch on Geekzone

By Mauricio Freitas, in , posted: 12-Nov-2007 11:03

I got an Okta Touch during the Okta Mobile launch, a week before it hit the retail stores.

During the Geekzone Moderators' Meeting the following weekend I was showing the Okta Touch around (of couse).

Just to show how impressed the moderators were, four out of seven Geekzone moderators now have an Okta Touch - replacing even some brand new PDAs.

A fifth Geekzone Moderator is complaining, but he's almost moving his mobile from Vodafone to Telecom just to get this device.

I can say this device was a big hit in some technical circles...

Review coming soon on Geekzone.

Microsoft blocking GMail accounts from Live ID?

By Mauricio Freitas, in , posted: 11-Nov-2007 19:42

You might not know that you don't need to have a or similar account type to enable access to Live Messenger or other Live services.

You can go to Passport, click the link under "Use an e-mail address you already have" and enter other e-mail address. This is very convenient because it allows you to keep using your current e-mail address in all Windows Live services, including Windows Live Messenger - except of course Windows Live Mail.

But if you have a GMail account you are out of luck. A friend has just asked me if I knew why Microsoft doesn't allow e-mail addresses to be used as a Windows Live ID.

I have no explanation for this message:

The portion of your e-mail address that follow the @ symbol is part of a "reserved domain" such as,, or Please type a different e-mail address.

No mention of "" as being reserved anywhere...

UPDATE 1: as noted in the comments below, you can use instead of and it works.

UPDATE 2: I have contacted Microsoft who confirmed this is not their intention and it was something related to other configurations. Registering with accounts is now possible again.

Looking forward to attending Barcamp Auckland 2007, Kiwi Foo Camp 2008

By Mauricio Freitas, in , posted: 11-Nov-2007 10:39

I have just finished booking tickets to attend the BarCamp Auckland 2007 and the Kiwi Foo Camp 2008 (a.k.a. Baa Camp).

Last night I got an e-mail from the BarCamp organisers with an status update - quite long, with lots of details. First there's Microsoft New Zealand joining the event as a sponsor - well done guys! Then there's a second sponsor (which I can not disclose yet) that is commited to providing food during the event.

They also provide a tentative agenda and a Twitter feed for the BarCamp Auckland 2007. Even though they are six weeks away there are plenty of space - so get on their website and register now.

About the Kiwi Foo Camp 2008, the organisers (Nat Torkington and Russell Brown) are already sending out invites (Kiwi Foo Camp is by invitation only) and if you have received an invite make sure you reply now, otherwise the seat might go to someone else.

Last year's Kiwi Foo Camp was 100% full, and it was a great event with a mix of Kiwi and overseas visitors.

Make sure you book the flights and acommodation now (unless you are thinking of camping again).

TechNet EDGE launching

By Mauricio Freitas, in , posted: 11-Nov-2007 09:13

Microsoft's TechNet EDGE will be launching this Monday (Pacific timezone) but the site is live already and you can go there now and create a login linked to your Live ID

TechNet EDGE will bring content for IT Professionals, plus a forum called The Perimeter.

The initiative is clearly something to complement the developer focused Channel 9 and the more consumer-orientated On 10 initiatives.

If you are an IT Pro check it out: TechNet EDGE.

The new Stella Artois viral

By Mauricio Freitas, in , posted: 9-Nov-2007 15:38

A couple of weeks ago I found that Stella Artois had a new website up with a very interesting viral element.

You probably remember the Stella Artois ads (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7) where someone will go through anything to keep his bottle of this favourite beer - always with a twist at the end. Those were very clever ads and they have now moved the same kind of content into their new website.

If you visit the website now you will see a story and a series of puzzles you can solve on-line. All with a very noir style. Worth seeing it.

I am writing about this because of the technology behind it, and because I was surprised with an invitation to an on-line event (or something like this) that Stella Artois is promoting here in New Zealand.

Now, I am not sure how the PR folks for the beer maker found out this is the beer I order (and the one I have in my fridge right now) - but I am curious nonetheless.

Just one thing to complain (because we have to have our voice heard!)... Stella Artois is brewed in New Zealand, under supervision. But cafes and restaurants still list it under "Imported Beers", which I think is cheeky of them.

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